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My tot poos 4-5x/ day :(

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And I totally can't keep up with it! He is 20 mo and they are big stnky messy poos. I'd like to get back on cloth, but I'm sorry, rinsing out 5 dirties a day is making me cranky greensad.gif

I feel like all the cloth we did when he was little is getting "canceled out" by the sposies we're going through now lol.gif

Is there a way to make cloth work for us again? I havent tried the paper liners, maybe that would help?
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Have you considered a food intolerance as the cause of his frequent poops?

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do you have a diaper sprayer?  I would NOT cd without one.  Essential for rinsing.

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Honestly, I don't think it's a food intolerance. We did the gaps diet and I watch really closely for reactions since my eldest healed from some sensitivities.i think it's his normal lol.gif

He is in a big growth spurt and just eats and eats and eats tho he is a slim dude.

I do have a daiper sprayer, but it's the BG kind and has their classic leak-where-the-tube-connects thing happening. So I feel stressed trying to hold it in just a way so it doesnt drip everywhere. Fixing that and getting liners might make CD possible again.

Dh doesnt want to cd since ds' poop changed from predominantly bf at abt 18 mo, so he's not highly motivated to fix the sprayer, and I feel totally unknowledgeable abt the job eyesroll.gif guess I better get tooly on it, tho!
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Our guy poops about that much (he's slowed down to 2-3 times a day now--used to be 5-6) and we consider it to be his normal--for some folks it just is!  I just hold a dry corner of the diaper and  just dunk and swish the CD in the toilet and it goes straight into the wet bag from there (our wet bag is RIGHT next to the toilet).  Works better than the sprayer ever did!

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You know, all of mine have gone through a super poopy stage around that age.  I think maybe it's, like you say, a growth spurt.  I have also always wondered if it's a teething thing.  Another month or so, and maybe he won't go quite so much. 


You could also try taking him to the potty.  Not as a potty-training adventure, but maybe you'll get lucky and decides he'll go in there some.  Especially if he is at all predictable time wise. 

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My DD1 has always been a big pooper - was 5-8!!!x/day at that age, now slowed down to 2-3 as a 3 y/o :lol:  I agree with the liners, we didn't have them for DD1 (we did use synthetic inners where the poo rolled off pretty easily though, and then also switched to sposies at 18 mo due to multiple other factors - she'd grown out of our OS dipes and also started day care at that point, and they wouldn't use cloth anyway) but I've been liking them for DD2.  We use the GroVia ones.  If the poop is reasonably solid and you catch it before it gets smeared all over the place you can just lift out the liner and drop in the toilet.  WAY better than spraying.

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If you're hesitant to use disposable liners, you could try cloth. Cut up an old tshirt or pillowcase, etc and slip it in the diaper. Then when poo happens, it will catch most of the mess and rinsing out a small cotton rectangle is a lot easier than a whole diaper. If they get really stained you can toss them since the original garment would be headed that way anyhow. I also second the suggestion to introduce the potty. You can do a later EC approach and pop him on when you see his poop face. I recommend a potty chair so his feet are firmly on the ground to help push. Tell him what's going on so he learns his sensations and if nothing else this will make the potty part of the routine for when you decide to PT him in the future. My 14 month old DD is still in diapers full time (started EC at 11 months) but on a good day she saves me 2 or 3 diapers. I know EC can sound daunting but part time or even occasional EC can have great benefits for you and baby. Good luck, I hope you can get back to cloth soon.
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Thank you mamas for the encouragement! It's good to know super poopers are normal!

We do potty time and I do try to read his signals. He will pee pretty much any time on the potty, but I've only caught abt 4-5 poos in his lifetime. He usually poops when he's off on his own deeply engaged inplaying (which I'm so grateful for and dont want to interrupt his concentration so I can get stuff done, kwim?).

If I let him go naked butt to try and be more aware of his signals, it's like it just falls out on the floor and he comes and gets me in surprise redface.gif which is pretty cute, but not much warning that poop is imminent, you know?

I'm really hoping we can get some of them in the potty, though!
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