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I could use some suggestions for teaching my 33 month old some manners. We've always nursed on demand and I've actually never had strong objections to shirt lifting, fiddling, etc. Up to a few weeks ago he was easily re-directed when we were around others with the usual - "why don't we have this instead or let's just wait until after dinner". Lately he is however talking in baby speak and reaching down my top in front of others. If I try redirecting he just baby speaks more urgently, etc.


I can recognize maybe he's just needing extra TLC - and have been extra loving and patient with him as I can be but can use some tips of what to say and how to redirect some more.



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When one of my kids has a behavior or habit that I find negative or annoying I like to try to think in terms of replacement behaviors or strategies. How can they get what they hope for/need/want in a way that isn't infringing on my/the family's feelings or rights?


So could you give him some type of signal that he could use to communicate what he wants with you? You could also talk to him about how now that he is older it may not always be possible to nurse on demand. Sometimes there are other things you need to tend to. It's not the same as when he was a baby and relied only on your milk for nourishment. You would be setting up a 'boundary' of sorts, because you have needs too. So perhaps he could use a sign language or a special code phrase and then you could let him know if it was an acceptable time or if not, when it might be. At almost three he has some emerging sense of time, such as when the cuckoo clock rings, or when dinner is cooked, etc. My opinion is that most three year olds can handle some limits around body space including nursing.

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