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natural toothpaste or dental care routine

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I'm looking into replacing my regular Colgate toothpaste. What are alternative brands? Or do you make your own toothpaste? 

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We just switched to the Spry toothpaste and I really like it.

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We have used the homeopathic toothpaste at the suggestion of a holistic dentist and liked it a lot. Right now, though, we are using Trader Joe's brand toothpaste. I also make toothpaste once in awhile. I like that a lot, but I haven't found a good way to store/use it.

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I make my own using baking soda, coconut oil, stevia, and peppermint EO.  I LOVE it, I have been using it for about a month now.

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Yep, I make my own too. Very similar to Bamamamaof3....


Here's my latest recipe:

Rose petal powder 2 parts
Baking soda 1 part
Cardamom powder 1 tablespoon (this will vary depending upon your total amount)
Coconut oil enough to make a paste

I made an 8 ounce jar, with a wide mouth lid, and just dip my wet toothbrush in it. I love it! It is great!


It's also very exciting all the different herbs that are good for the teeth and gums. My ideas for future toothpastes include thyme, sage, cinnamon, clove, mints...

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I make my own with this recipe:http://wellnessmama.com/2500/homemade-remineralizing-toothpaste-recipe/  I just went to the dentist yesterday and got a great report!  No cavities, very little plaque, and a perfectly healthy mouth.  My three year old who also uses the toothpaste had her first dentist visit.  NO Plaque on her teeth at all.  We've been using this for about two months and it leaves your mouth feeling cleaner than any commercial toothpaste ever could.  It's worth every penny for the initial investment in the ingredients.

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I just saw my dentist and he told me to ditch Colgate and use plain old baking soda!  Not used to hearing that kind of advice from someone in the typical modern medical-dental community!

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Couldn't agree more about the baking soda - works just as well as any commercial toothpaste (if not better), costs less, and is healthier!

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Toothy tabs from lush :)

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Have you read the ingredients list on Toothy Tabs from Lush?


I didn't read the label before buying them and we are slowly using them up, but WOW! I won't be buying them again... :(

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