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Hello from VA :)

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Hello everyone! My name is Melanie and I'm pregnant with our 6th child!! joy.gif


We just found out on Monday that we're having another girl -- this will be girl #5. I try to be as natural as possible but also realize that I need to use doctors occasionally, even though I'm not a fan. I cloth diapered child number 3 and 4 and always nurse as long as possible!!


Anyway, look forward to meeting everyone!



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Wow - #6 and 5 girls - that's wonderful! I'm trying to remember if we have anyone in the group with more than 4?

I think all of here are as natural as possible - and for everyone that means something different. It's great to have a diverse group of moms to share things with and learn things from - we all do what works for our family's. 

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Hi Melanie!!


I am pregnant with our 3rd BOY!!  We live in Virginia too!!  This is a great site with tons of support and encouragement!! 



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Welcome, Melanie! Congratulations on your 6th child and your 5th girl! Hope your pregnancy is going beautifully . . .


I'm pregnant with my FIRST! We've opted out of ultrasounds, so we've got a surprise awaiting us. What an amazing experience this is!

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Thanks for the welcomes everyone!!


Bostonmummy, isn't it wonderful?? I LOVE being pregnant, even though it's not always easy. This pregnancy has been pretty easy, except for my gestational diabetes. I only had it with one other pregnancy, which is weird.

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Welcome, Melanie!

We're in Virginia, too. :)

Congratulations on your 6th little baby. You must have some experience being very pregnant in VA in the summer, which I do not. Any helpful hints appreciated!

Happy Baby Growing!

-Leigh Ann

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Yeah one of my DDs was born in the MIDDLE OF JULY and one of the others was born the beginning of October so I definitely can sympathize!!! The only thing that helped me was to stay indoors and DRINK tons of water. I hate plain water so it's hard for me but it really does help!!

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Welcome! from yet another VA mom (sounds like there are several of us)!  I'm dealing with GD again this time too.  

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