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I'm due with #3 in February, and need a new carrier... the slings I do have kill me(local WAHM brands). I'm leaning towards the Maya, but was just wondering how everyone would rate it? Thank you!!

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I was wondering the same thing. :)  I love the way they look and wanted a ring sling for this baby (didn't have one with my DD), but didn't know if it was worth it for ease of use/comfort/etc. 

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The lightly padded shoulder on the maya is super comfy.  I actually prefer it over SBP.

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I used the Maya for all three of my previous babies and just got a new one for #4. The just seem to fit me and I can wear them all day if I have to:)

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Loved the Maya. The shoulder padding is great. My shoulder definitely got tired after a while (earlier in comparison to the two-shoulder carriers I used) but I wore DD in it often and for pretty long periods of time. Easy to put on and easy to get baby in and out. I'd recommend it. 

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Personally, I'm not a big fan of my Maya Wrap. I think it's so much more bulky than other ring slings I've seen, and it was harder for me to adjust it at first, compared to other kinds. I also am not a big fan of the pocket, as it makes it almost impossible (for me) to thread it while it's on my body (for a back carry, for example). I also think that SBP shoulders are more comfy for me.


All that being said, I'm keeping my Maya because it works and the other kinds out there are so darn expensive!

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I like my Maya but haven't tried any other ring slings for comparison.  I do love the pocket actually, I never unthread the sling so that isn't an issue (if I want to back carry I use a wrap).  It's extremely handy for not having to juggle a bag in addition to the two kids, a grocery cart and whatever else.

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I prefer my Zolowear ring sling over my Maya. The Maya padded shoulder is actually not comfortable for me. It sounded nice, but it actually does not stretch over the shoulder quite as much. This limits how well the carrier can distribute the weight , which is pretty important in a one-shoulder carrier. I still have mine because it is okay for short periods, And my DH has Man shoulders and thinks it is just fine. Don't have any other ring sling to compare, but I got my Zolowear at [=Www.bebybaby.com][/]
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I really like the newer Maya models.  I didn't love the unpadded older one I used for awhile with DD1.  With this one (bought new a few months ago) I find the fabric nice and sturdy, the padded shoulder makes it pretty comfy and I love the pocket.  The pocket might be my favorite thing-- that way I know where my keys and phone are when I run in and out of places with the babe! 

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I'm thinking about making a ring sling. There is a site, www.thebabywearer.com, I was going to look that up today actually.... It has a page of links to make them. I think that will be cheaper and give my MIL something to do. She is a good seamstress, has the time and REALLY wants to help with stuff for the baby. :)

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I don't like the new Maya wrap, with the padded shoulder.  I'm wide shouldered, and plus sized, and I just can't get the same comfortable fabric spread over my shoulder like I could with the old, unpadded design.  The sling slips off of my shoulder, and up onto my neck, and even when It stays on my shoulder, it is not comfortable.  I tried a bunch of times, but now I never use it.

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