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Birthday Party Plans?

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As we round the corner of the first birthday of our beloved babies, I thought I'd start a thread where we can post any idea we have for parties. 


We're doing a fairy party for Millie.  I'm soooo close to ordering her a tutu and fairy wings from etsy!  I was thinking it would be fun to put fairy dust in the party favor bags.  here's a link to the bottles I thought looked super cute. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002RYKJNA/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A3BQYJ2FK57LDM



I know this is a really girly theme for a party, but I inherited these cupcake toppers/cups from my stepmother, and really want to use them!  http://www.shopmerimeri.com/fairymagiccupcakeset.aspx


What are your plans??  small party? big?  theme?  

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Cakemama, those are super cute, I bet it will be an awesome birthday! 


Most of my mama friends IRL are from my Lamaze class (5 of us), and we've been throwing around the idea of doing a joint potluck birthday party at a park or beach in town for all our babies. Just good food, minimal decoration and hanging out with other parents. Most of us don't have family in the area, so I think it will be nice to do something together. River is the oldest by 2-10 weeks, so it might be a little after his real birthday, we'll see. 


On his actual birthday, I'd like to make a cake and open family presents via skype with the various family members. 


Can you believe our babies are almost toddlers!?!

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I'm still unsure about size. We have a cool group of mamas so I think vaguely large, potluck, no theme. Maybe at a park.

I like the bottles and fairies! Are favors expected? I guess I'll see at the parties I go to!
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Love the thought of a party for all babies together.  what fun!!  I've been really bad about meeting other new mamas IRL with this little one-- I tried way harder with DS (4 years old now), but somehow time has escaped me in that department.  I wish I knew other 1 year old babies IRL. Would totally do that for a party.


And Becky, love the potluck idea too.  And no, favors definitely not expected.  This is just my thing.  I LOVE planning parties, making invitations, favors, planning gifts, games, etc.  It's just being a hostess that I can't stand.  But it is all part and parcel, right?  At least it isn't a shower for me where I am the focus.  I hate that even more! This way, all eyes on the baby-- as it should be!

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After the drama over DS1's birthday I decided to go big for Seth's birthday. All DH's extended family that live in Florida and as many of our friends as we can get here.


I'm thinking of a "Made in America" theme, hotdogs, apple pie, baseball etc. I'll probably do most of the decorations myself as most of the pre-made stuff I've seen is actually made in China.


For DS1 we did The Very Hungry Caterpillar this year. He did lots of finger paintings that I then cut into butterflies for some of the decorations and I did the caterpillar for the banner. I'll post pics once I get some time. DS2 just started crying so I have to go.

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We're going to be in Montana for my best friend's wedding for Malcolm's first birthday. It kind of bums me out, and I even originally told her I couldn't go, but it just felt too weird not attending her wedding (we've been best friends our entire lives, 25 years) so that's where we'll be. I didn't do a party with Clementine and I really struggle to see the point anyway, so I think it's likely it will sneak on by. Maybe they can toast him at the wedding. He'll have the most expensive birthday cake and dinner ever!

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mareseatoats, maybe you can visit emergingbutterfly and baby Ali V. !

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Mares, I think that's kind of exciting, anyhow!


So.  Most likely Finn's bday bash will be on 8/18.  Family, friends, their kids -- it's not going to be that big.  Maybe 15 ppl?  And some children, none that are 1 though. Some itty bitties, and some infants and some 3 year olds.  


BBQ/sort of theme.  Going to grill some veggies, some fruit, have salads (macaroni, potato....), chips, soda, beer, and real margaritas and sangria!  I want to set up a kiddie pool and I was looking into getting a ball pit (they have them at Target) and maybe some odds and ends for the kids that will hopefully be there (goodie bags aren't necessary but I think I'll do something, a lot of our friends are coming from far away so ... something will be nice).


Cake!!!  I don't know what I want to do.  I hope to make one but I've never made a cake for that many.  So.  I might special order one (has to be vegan).  I want it to have something to do with jungle/giraffes but .... doesn't go well w/a bbq theme so Idk.   Thoughts?

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Carrie I have a choc cake recipe that is really easy and I've used it to make novelty cakes in the past. For my sister's 21st I decorated one as Elmo, for another person I did one as a hiking boot. Last year I made it as mini cup cakes then arranged into the shape of a 1 before icing. I did the same this year as a 2 for the official cake. I'm thinking of doing full size cup cakes that will double as the favor to take home. I'm even playing with the idea of making my own cup cake boxes too.


Let me know if you want the recipe. (Its sooooo easy you'll want to use it all the time.)

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Can I have it too?! Yum!

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Sure!  Post it!!    Thanks!!

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Yummiest and Easiest Chocolate Cake ever


Sift together

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

3 heaped tablespoons cocoa


Make 3 wells in the mix & add in

2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon vinegar (any kind)

6  teaspoons oil ( I use olive oil)


Pour in

1 cup water


mix thoroughly, bake in 9x9 cake tin for 25 min @ 350f


for mini cupcakes I bake for about 15 min & regular cupcakes about 18 min.


This is also really easy to make bigger, and will just need to bake longer. It is a very moist cake so if you want to remove it from the pan whole you should line the pan before adding the cake mix. It is also really easy to cut to shape with this once cold.


Enjoy. eat.gif

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thanks lyn!  That looks super easy!  


My MIL/FIL offered to let us have Finn's birthday party at their house.  I'm seriously considering taking them up on the offer.  Their house is so much bigger, they have a patio, deck, pool and nice big yard.  And a better kitchen for prepping food.  There's practically no reason not to!  

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And you don't have to do the pre-clean! That's always the worse part me for when I'm hosting a party :)

Thanks for the recipe Lyn, I think I'll make that this weekend!

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I don't think we are going to do anything big.  His birthday is on a Thursday and we are planning on going the the Shakespere Festival at the lake.  It will be a full moon that night and so awesome if the weather cooperates.  My mom will be flying in for a few weeks and my husband is working Fri/Sat so that only leaves Sunday afternoon to do something.  We might go camping that weekend too with folks from church so maybe we will do a little party there. 

I'm not big on crazy parties and really he's so young he won't notice.  I know it's a horrible attitude to have but the timing is so off.  If we do celebrate, we'll just do a little BBQ at one of the local parks because I'm not entertaining in my house.  It's still in a constant state of flux from remodeling and NEVER presentable enough to have company at this point.  DH assures me it will all be over soon and we can have our house back.  I'm so looking forward to that day of not having crap everywhere.

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Lynann, thanks for sharing your cake recipe!  Always looking for a new one!


Mares, I think your travel plans sound really fun.  I always love a good wedding.  Haven't been to one in so long!  Malcolm will surely enjoy just being with you and along for the ride.  Plenty of people to watch too.  


Carrie-- I would definitely take up the in-laws on their offer.  wouldn't that make life so much easier?  We had DS's first birthday party at my dad's house, and it was terrific.  I was such an emotional train wreck that day.  I cried all day.  Happy tears, but no way I'd have been able to be the sole hostess of a party at my own house!  This time it's different and we are going to be way more low key with fewer people, but still, might not be a bad idea to hit up someone else for use of their home.  


Becky, the remodeling won't be forever.  Surely it will be in some state of completion before Rafe requests a birthday party-- and if he's anything like my son, he'll want to have his parties somewhere "on location" like bowling, or at the park, etc.  maybe you'll never have to worry about it anyway ;)



Still on the fairy theme here.  Now I have my dad in on it.  He has a "fairy garden" at his house (major green thumb, my dad, and among his many, many plants in his house he has an aquarium filled with little "fairy" plants.  The grandkids LOVE it!), and I had DS write the fairies a letter requesting some pixie dust to be used at his sister's first birthday party.  Boy, did they deliver!  The next weekend he got a small jar filled with sparkly pixie dust!  He had me sprinkle some over his head, convinced it would make him fly.  Oh, to be 4 years old again.

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