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Do you have a blog?

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I thought there used to be a forum for finding blogs that people on MDC were writing, but it seems to have closed.

Do you have a blog that you want to share? I recently made one, and Ill put the link to it when Im done, but I'd be interested in reading other blogs too. I have a handful that I read regularly, but a lot of them are mostly about food that people are making, and Im not cooking a lot right now, so Im looking to diversify my reading a bit.
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I started one this year but it has been sadly neglected during my first trimester of lying on the couch wimpering quietly to myself. I'm hoping to revive it soon though. It's a bit of parenting, a bit of craft and cooking and a bit of health. Mostly craft at the moment because that was what I was doing a lot of when I started it.

Not sure if I'm allowed to link it on this thread but it is a Wordpress blog called Milk and Rain.
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Thanks! Anyone else? Or does anyone know of a cool blog that they read? When I do a google search so much stuff comes up that it is overwhelming.
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Mine is Apartment Farm; link is in my signature line. It's about cooking, gardening, crafting, and all that in the city. 


Two of my favorite parenting blogs to read are All For The Boys and Crappy Pictures

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AM- do you use google reader?  i'll share my contents with you if so... i have a huge list, blog reading is kind of my other fun distraction during the workweek. 

i am so glad you're going to have one.  please do share it!

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Well, I've only recently put it up, and Id like to work on editing the posts a little more, along with making a format that I like a little better. The title is a work in progress- Im trying to think of something better.


I have no clue what google reader is, but isnt blogspot a google thing?
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I had a blog for awhile there but I found I just couldn't keep up. Also, I had a hard time choosing what to write about. It was two themes: being an expat and my experience of this culture, and parenting. I realized pretty quick that a blog really needs just one theme. And the parenting posts, while they did sort of help me to process some things or express my views, were pretty boring. The posts on culture and being a foreigner were pretty fun though and I collected a bunch of ideas for future posts.


But yeah, it was taking me like 1+ hours to write each one and sooner or later I couldn't keep up anymore. I still think about starting it up again and just dropping the parenting stuff and focusing on the expat stuff.


I looked at your blog and will keep doing so. I'm sure it helps you process stuff to write about it...well it does for me at least. redface.gif


Some I like:


Zen Habits


Joyful Toddlers


I also recently came across some fun blogs with creative ideas to do with kids:


B Inspired, Mama!


Counting Coconuts


And then for knitters there's this one from an amazing knit designer :


Knit and Tonic

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I have 2 blogs.  The first one is my personal blog where I post recipes, thrifty ideas, home decor items that I have recreated and a bunch of other random stuff!  It is called The Thrifty Queen Speaks.

My other blog is a blog that my closest friend and I created to post pictures of things we are grateful for every single day.  It is a new blog, but we are loving it!!  It is called Ketchup & Pomegranates (check out the blog to find out why we call it that!).

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"Cars that fit the planet and the budget - and the cello".

Many cars that you cannot -yet- buy in the US have envy-inducing fuel efficiency. I'm optimistic they will come here soon.  Some reviews, some technical stuff, some general philosophy about cars and car buying (since women think about them very differently from men, but men dominate the car writing). 


Keeps the left half of my brain from atrophy.

Oh: www.cellomomcars.com

Latest post: "So you want a seven-seat car that does better than 30mpg".

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I don't have a blog, and I don't read any on a regular basis. But, I do enjoy Crappy Pictures, and Hyperbole and a Half.

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I love reading Raising My Rainbow.

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I love crappy pictures too! Food good laundry bad is great and I LOVE diary of a mom. 

I write over at 

it started out being only about autism and our diet and has since taken on a life of its own

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I have a blog, but it's about family bike riding. :)

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I do have a personal blog but I don't know if I am allowed to put a link. It's all about being work at home mom and travels I did with my family.

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Sure, I think you can link your blog, as long as it's not a commercial site.


I'm terrible at reading blogs, something about the computer screen and just expecting more to happen, or something.  Maybe if I read them on an iPad or something.  But I do read the blog Dances with Fat, because she is fairly succinct.  And I'll read cooking blogs with all the photos.  Filth Wizardry is fun too.


ETA: I wasn't a mod when I made this post.  So it was just my understanding of how this site has worked over the years.  But I have read the UA a number of times since then, and I still don't seem something that prohibits linking personal blogs in discussion posts. :)

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Sure, I think you can link your blog, as long as it's not a commercial site.


Nope, it is not commercial site. It is a personal blog, a relatively new one, I put it up last year of Feb. I know I am not a writer but since it's a personal one, I thought of writing them myself. Here it is:


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I started a blog about a month ago - it's pretty random right now as I try to figure out how I want to go with it. I live in Roseville in Northern California and I think I would like to evolve into talking about local events and things to do in our area with kids, and I repost a lot of good parenting articles I read.  I love reading blogs - Janet Lansbury and Teacher Tom are my go-to blogs for parenting issues, and I love Counting Coconuts for ideas on sensory bins and Montessori ideas. Modern Parents Messy Kids is my fave arts & craft / design blog. 




My 2.5 year old daughter Arabella tells me some great stories that she generously allows me to post on the site. Here's a sample one:



Bear ran on the dinosaur boat - the baby bear ran on dinosaur boat. He said "Let me get on board so me doesn't float away."

Yeah, and on back of his neck hop on board on there. That's all, flute and him said "hoo, hoo, hoo". And he get in the picture

with Papa Wes and Nana at Abby's beach house. And that's the story. The end




So if you like that story there's more at whatarabelladid.blogspot.com





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I go through phases of blogging a lot (4-6 pages/day) and then periods where I only update once a week. I write about parenting and being an incest survivor and living with PTSD and being compulsively sexual and participating in minority sex communities. Err, I'm not real involved now that I have kids. That's part of what is weird. Blogging is a lot of how I maintain my tenuous grasp on sanity. I love writing. Because I'm not really all that crunchy (ignore the family cloth and Ziploc bags I've been reusing for five years and the tandem nursing and the home birth and... etc.) my blog is Soggy in Milk. :)

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Giving this thread a little bump. I've got a new blog that I have been working on: http://theconsciouscreatrix.tumblr.com/


I try to keep a tight leash on it and not let it get rambley. I will be posting creative essays and articles as well. Follow me if you are interested. Thanks for taking a peak.



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I have a blog: Smokey the Magnificent. It's pretty rambly and unfocused, and I have about six regular readers, most of whom are blood relatives... but hey.

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