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Is this lung or heart?

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I'm hoping some ladies can relate or have some other ideas for what I'm experiencing. For the past 3 weeks I have felt short of breath ecspecially going upstairs or picking up my girls. I can feel my heart racing at random times and feel weak most days. The worst part is when I go to bed becuase I can't actually sleep. I fall asleep and I wake up after about 30 minutes of sleeping not able to breath. It's like I can feel my body not breathing. Like it forgets to breath. It's an awful feeling. I had a bad episode a few nights ago where I woke up in a panic becuase I COULD not breath! My heart was racing and ran out of the bedroom and took some really deep breaths and finally it returned to normal. I've had 3 EKGs,3echos,blood work including thyroid, holter monitor for 24 hours,chest x-ray and chest CT scan with contrast.

All they found was a few irregular heartbeats and 4 beats of sinus tachycaridia and my CKI on blood test was elevated at 382. No one is ablt to give me any answer and it's so frustrating. I literally can't sleep becuase of this feeling. I'm up to 3-4 am every night becuase this feeling terrifies me! 

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If all the tests you mentioned were normal then you could consider an allergy of some sort. Anxiety is another possibility.

I had/have something similar which turned out to be a dust mite allergy.
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I have similar episodes, would love to hear more thoughts as well. They do seem to coincide with when my allergies are acting up, possibly drainage at night blocking the airway or something, not sure. Taking chlorphenaramine maleate before bed seems to help but being pregnant it is not the best thing for the baby.


Not entirely related to that but within the last two years I have had chest xrays, sinus xrays, mri, had my vision tested, ekg, blood work multiple times...and nothing abnormal on anything.

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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post

 They do seem to coincide with when my allergies are acting up


Interesting! I have noticed the same thing in me. I am also low iron/red blood cells, which causes me to feel out of breath even though I'm in pretty good shape. But the allergy thing is making sense... allergies really tax your adrenals; so maybe its related to low cortisol.

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Wow it's nice to see others with the same issue. I've been wondering if it's an inflammatory response to something. What about acid reflux??? I've been reading about that and there are many who have shortenss of breath due to acid reflux. I'm going t take this up with my ND. Also checked my thyroid again and TSH was up to 3.78 feel best at 2ish. Please post If anyone finds out any other ideas. 

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Oh also does anyone get adrenaline surges with this? I forgot to mention the surges in my original post. I get the surges along with the shortness of breath.

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Yes, I have horrible acid reflux from pregnancy. Acid is a histamine so it makes sense that we would have breathing problems associated with it. Last pregnancy I used Wishgarden's Digestive Ease for Pregnancy and it made both my acid and breathing much better. This time it isn't working so well, I am taking Tums, Zantac, and the herbs.


Forgot to mention the iron, I was low in that too when I had my blood work done for this pregnancy so that might be part of the tiredness.

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Is zantAc for allergies?
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Beware of calcium carbonate. Tums used to be calcium carbonate, but I haven't checked on years.

Calcium carbonate causes an acid rebound effect, where stomach acid rises to a level higher than it was initially. If you stop taking them, stomach acid levels will climb for a week or so.

Has asthma been ruled out?
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I went to the lung specialist and did a lung test. Before inhaler she said it was normal but showed a slight improvement with the inhaler. she said it seems the short airways seem inflamed. I'm not sure what that means. maybe beginning of asthma???  Not sure why I'm getting worse at night and having adrenalin sureges and tighness in my throat.

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