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Placenta Previa

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We went for our U/S today. I am 20w5d and we are having a boy.

We already have a girl so we are extremely excited to now have one of each!



The u/s tech stated that my placenta was lying kind of low and that it's sort of a partial/marginal placenta previa. I got really worried because a friend of mine had a placenta previa and was not allowed to have intercourse with her partner.

I didn't see my doctor today, just the ultrasound tech, so I was wondering if they'd call me when they get the images and let me know what I should do and if it was safe to have sex, etc.


Anyone had similar experiences?
Thanks for any input.

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The placenta will usually move up as your uterus grows larger.  You can always call your doc too and see if they can give you the info...just so you don't have to wait.  Best of luck.

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A low-lying/marginal previa can be a lot different than a complete previa.  Complete previas don't resolve later in the pregnancy as often as marginal ones do.  There are also vasa previas, in which veins from the placenta/cord are laying right over the cervix, and in those cases they probably do recommend more precautions.  You are probably fine to continue with life as normal, but call your doctor's office and make sure you don't need to change anything for now. 

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I called the doctor's office today and spoke to one of the nurses.

After reviewing my portfolio, she specified no vaginal intercourse until my next u/s which is in 3 weeks (to see if the placenta moved up).


I was sort of embarrassed to ask her at the moment but I think I'll just call and ask again tomorrow if anal intercourse is out of question as well.. or if it's just vaginal that's not safe.

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