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Could I still be pregnant,thought I had a miscarriage?

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Hi.Some background info: I'm 45, have been ttc for 2 years. In that time I've had two pregnancies, both miscarried around 9-10 weeks. I have previously had 5 children.

I recently got pregnant - my period was due 19th May. I got positive tests, but noticed that over a few days they weren't getting darker, then on 27th May I started bleeding, and bled for two and a half days - it was like a normal period. I tested whilst bleeding and it came up positive, but I accepted it was over and that was that.I would have been 4+6 when the bleeding started.

Well, in the last few days I have started to have pregnancy symptoms - I get a funny taste in my mouth and my breasts are very tender. I thought I might be running up to ovulate again,and on Tues (5/6)I got a very positive ovulation test.I tested again weds and Thurs and both were very positive. I thought it a bit strange,so did a first response pregnancy test and it came up positive and very dark (late in the day). So I started to feel quite excited.

Then on Friday morning, I did a Clearblue test with conception indicator and it said 1-2 weeks. I felt gutted. So I got an appointment with a doctor, to get blood tests done to see if hcg is rising.While I was there he did an abdominal scan( I think it was a fairly antiquated machine) and he couldn't see a sac, but he could see something about a centimeter long. I would have been 6+4 at the time.He suggested it was the remainder of a miscarriage. I will get blood test results on Mon afternoon.

I just wonder if it is left over from a miscarriage,why are my symptoms getting stronger rather than lessening? Is it possible that his ultrasound machine couldn't pick anything up at 6+4?

It's awful to have my hopes lifted again only to worry that maybe there's no chance.

I would love to hear other stories, both positive and sad, I want to be realistic, but I still feel hopeful.

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I hope this is not the case with you, it could be a molar or partial molar pregnancy.


Because it's rare, many OBs don't have experience with these cases (I'm sure I was my dr.'s first patient), and aren't proactive enough. Please repeat the hcg test after 48-72 hours. The hcg should either approx double (in which case you're pregnant) or it should plummet (if miscarriage). Any other significant variation (huge jump in hcg levels or remaining about the same) can be an indicator for a mole.


I don't mean to scare you, but it was the first thought that came to mind when reading your post, probably because of my past. Even if it turns out to be a mole, please know that it is treatable, and most women do not develop the dreaded complications afterward. I was able to conceive again fairly easily.


Good luck, and please update.

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When I miscarried last year, my midwife said to take a pregnancy test about a week later.  If it was still positive, there would be more to expel.  She was right.  I'm sorry, Mama.  I had a vaginal u/s to see what was left-maybe that would be a good idea?  On the other hand, I bled with my first two pregnancies in those early weeks and everything turned out just fine.   Good luck,  Mary

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I think you are right,Mary, as I did a clearblue test today and it says "not pregnant". In some ways it is a relief I guess that means the hcg is leaving my body, so hopefully I can move on. I guess the beta blood tests will give me the same result. I'll find out tomorrow afternoon.
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