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Broody, bummed I missed out on what you had to say crap.gif

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Broody, bummed I missed out on what you had to say crap.gif

Me too. I'm glad you call it when you see it.
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Fruitfulmomma -- You are a Colorado resident by your sig and you are entitled to put in an open records request which was how this information was obtained.  Just because no one else is reporting it doesn't mean it isn't true. 


If you are so sure Dr. Amy is lying about the stats in question you could certainly do a fantastic expose.  I think the idea that she would risk her credibility on a point so easy to independently verify is rather silly but certainly others may have a differing opinion. 


Out of curiosity, are any Colorado midwifery groups disputing the reported numbers?

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Wouldn't know and don't care. Her 'facts' about midwifery care legality are wrong. It has been legal here since 1993, not 2006 like she claims. And you'll notice that she doesn't bother to share these documents she has with her readers, which is what I would expect from someone who was exposing the truth. (By the way, where did I accuse her of lying?)



But she isn't the subject of this thread and neither is the state of midwifery care in Colorado. I only bring it up to point out that if you are going to continue to demand that the rest of us provide you with studies/documentation/whatever that you find credible, then you can extend the same courtesies to us and not throw out 'facts' from a source that no one in the homebirth community finds reliable or takes seriously. 

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I want to post to remind folks that personal disagreements should be handled off board. If you find you are repeatedly not seeing eye to eye with another poster, I encourage you to check out our ignore/block option.

When you are responding to things, you need to keep the focus on the post, and the information in the post - not on the poster, nor on speculation about the poster's motives.

If you see posts that are outside the UA, please report them.
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IV antibiotics for GBS aren't even proven to be effective at preventing sepsis in newborns.  Only when the mother had a bladder infection did IV anti's work at preventing newborns from becoming sick.   It is, however, proven to cause resistant bacteria (if your kids becomes sick later in life, antibiotics just might NOT do the trick in making them better)  in children exposed to these antibiotics during labor.  If a woman is positive for GBS, untreated, her child only has a 2% chance of becoming infected (2 in 1,000)  Yes, it is very serious. But the truth is, if it's going to happen, it's going to  happen. So why worry about it, and then pump yourself and your baby full of harmful antibiotics that have serious risks.  It's better prevention to have as little vaginal exams and interventions as possible, especially after membranes are ruptured.

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Implementation of antibiotic treatment since the 90s has reduced neonatal sepsis due to GBS by 80%:





Per the CDC: "Other strategies to reduce maternal colonization and vertical transmission have been studied, including intramuscular  
intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis (67), antenatal (oral or intramuscular) antibiotics (69–71), and chlorhexidine vaginal wipes or douches (72–76);

however, none has proven to be effective at preventing early-onset disease. Although some nonrandomized studies on chlorhexidine have

yielded promising results (72,75), randomized clinical trials have found no protection against early-onset GBS disease or neonatal sepsis  


It is possible to have an allergic reaction to Hibiclens.  Hibiclens is not intended for use internally and douching with Hibiclens is an "off label" use.

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I agree with BuzzBuzz, I did some of the original work with Heather Jeffreys at KGV in Sydney and the perinatal death rate from sepsis dropped dramatically after the initiation of GBS screening and treatment.So yes it is proven.


No valid research has been done to clarify the weight of other factors such as number of VE's or length of ROM. Would anyone be prepared to take the chance if the risks were explained to them . Really, it's guessing at best .

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