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Another thing to consider is consulting with an speech therapist; they may have some ideas that would help her communication or at least help you feel like you're not on your own. An OT could help with possible sensory concerns.

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My son was high needs. 

Until he was about... 18 months, i seriously thought i was going to lose my ever lovin mind. I loved him, but he was (and still at times) can be the most frustrating individual i've ever met. Boy didn't lick it up off the floor though, he got it from MAMA. 



He's now 3 1/2. He's a lot more mellowed and verbal, and it gets better I PROMISE mama. 


Hilariously i took him for his first chiro appointment a few weeks ago and she asked me "was he a colicky/fussy baby" and i just laughed at her. hysterically. She said "what's so funny" i said "he never ever ever ever slept." Turns out his upper back and neck were SO subluxated, he probably had baaad headaches. 

He's old enough now to tell me "my head hurts'. And when he tells me that, off to the chiro he goes! SO maybe if you have insurance coverage? give it a try? 

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I am late coming into this thread. There were times with my oldest, who was extremely high strung, that I loved her with all my heart, but did not like her every moment of the day. I was raised as an  only child and that was also hard to be owned by my child for all of her waking hours. We got through it. I tried very hard to focus on the good times, the cute or smart things she did. And when she was sleeping, to remember why I was doing it.


I also had some depression. I did not admit as much until my second was born and it went into overdrive. I got a low dose of anti-depressant and it made a *huge* difference to my outlook and my tolerance level. I stayed on it for years. Sometimes I feel I still need to be on it. You might see if this is a possibility for you.

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Being a parent is hard work and there are fun moments for sure, but in my eyes, there's nothing "fun" about being a parent. I think we are fed a lot of bs in life about parenting. We are bombarded with messages and pictures on a constant basis that have power to make people feel inadequate and long for a life that's different from the one they currently have. There are many days I do not like my identity as a mother and wish so badly that I could go back in time and make different decisions that wouldn't have put me in a position to become a mother before I was emotionally ready to become one. Everyone tells me it gets easier as kids get older, and I understand that a little bit better now, but it doesn't change what's happening in life "right now". I'm a younger mom, and sometimes i think this parenting gig would have been easier if i got started at a later age, like the age you are, 34. Clearly that's not the case though. 

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