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What is the square footage of your house or apartment?

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Just curious what size space you all live in....


We live in a house which is somewhere between 1300 and 1400 square feet. We're in the process of bidding on house that is just under 2100 square feet, and I feel like it's HUGE, but I guess we'd grow into it quickly.


We are two adults and three kids ages 10, 8 and 5.

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I have about 650 square feet on the main floor and about 550 somewhat usable sq feet in the basement. We are myself, two 10 year olds and a 7 year old.

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I actually just measured the first floor yesterday since we're having our floors refinished soon.

Downstairs is just over 850sf, upstairs is probably about 700. Two adults, a 3 year old, a 3 month old, and a small dog.

It's actually too much space for us right now.

We'll be moving in about a year and we're looking for a smaller, more open ranch.

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3 teens (18, 16 in 2 weeks and 13), 2 adults and 2 decent sized dogs in about 968 sq ft.

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about 1,000 sq feet - 3 bed, 2 bath


2 adults

3 kids - ages 6, 3 and a newborn soon


at the moment there is an extra bedroom, so it could be smaller but I think eventually the kids will need 2 rooms? Maybe not need, but it will probably be less crowded

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Our house is 3200 sq ft with 4 bedrooms (plus an office/den) 3.5 baths. Two adults and one kiddo but we have lots of family and friends that visit so the guest rooms upstairs get used regularly. We like having the space.

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We're just short of 1200 sq feet. We are two adults and two children. It's spread over three floors. The garage is too small for our car, but provides great storage, which I don't think we could do without.

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House listed at 1,850 sq feet. We have 1 full-bath. 2 adults and 2 children live here. We also have a half-bath on the main floor. 

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We have 1800 something. Most of the time I feel it is too big with 3 adults (my brother in law lives with us and has for the last 6 yrs) and our 3 children. But every other weekend we have BIL kids (2) and then it feels just right. If we ever bought again we would go smaller as our family is complete. 

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How do you measure your house?

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About 550 square feet--it's little, but I usually like it that way.

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3K sq ft (5 bed/3 bath). We are a family of 6. It seems like a good size for us. We lived in much smaller spaces years ago, and I hated it.
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About to move in to a 940 square foot apartment. Last one was probably 1000-1100? The size worked fine for us.


Two adults, two kids, and one more on the way. 

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We're in about 600 now, but it's tight with two kids. The youngest is about ready to upgrade to a twin bed but there's not space in their bedroom to do it (can't do bunks in there either). If we were going to stick it out here longer, we'd have to move a kid to our bedroom and do a murphy bed thing in the living room for DH and I. Which a lot of people do in NYC. But we're in the process of selling and moving out of Manhattan. We're aiming for 1000 square feet and some outdoor space, which should work fine for us. When we visit relatives in giant places it feels really odd to me and I get a little... what's the opposite of claustrophobia? It just creeps me out sort of like movies about big empty hotels and grounds. 

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Originally Posted by Brees_Mama View Post

How do you measure your house?

I looked at the real estate flyer from when we bought our house to find our square footage (963 ft for 2 adults, 2 kids).  If you don't have any records, you may be able to look up your house on www.zillow.com, or look for a neighboring house of similar floor plan that is on zillow or realtor.com

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We have about 3k right now, and 3 acres. 4 bed, 2.5 bath. 2 adults, 5 kids. In two weeks we are moving to a 3 bed apartment 950 sq feet, no yard and no storage. I've been really lamenting the yard. I think that with the right floor plan, I could happily live in a very small place as long as we could get outside.
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Approx. 900sqft. 2 adults, 3 kids.  2bdrms, 1bath, 2floors. I only wish we had a 1/2 bath downstairs.

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My current house is 1550 sq. ft including the basement.  Up until exactly one year ago, we lived in a 3200 square feet house (including the basement).  Our house was flooded last summer and we were forced to evacuate and significantly downsize.  It is just my DH, my DS, and myself, but we loved having lots of room to roam and have space for our hobbies.  I feel completely stuffed into this house because we had large furniture for our large house and we are now cramming the large furniture into little rooms.  I have gotten rid of over half of our stuff and I could easily get rid of a lot more.  There is zero storage in this house, which makes it even more frustrating. 

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I think the house size really has to be considered in it's context.   For example, our 963 sq ft home for 2 adults and 2 kids seems plenty, but with no yard, no garage, no storage, it makes it feel cramped.  If I had a backdoor (quite literally too) that I could just let the kids run out of, it'd be totally different.  I'd be happy with less square footage if I had options like a yard, somewhere to put bikes, etc.

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we are in about 900 sq ft one bed, 1 bath very old home... just myself and 4 year old son, large dog and two cats. it seems cramped, but i have some serious decluttering work to do.  we do have a large yard and large garage so that helps a ton.  we are moving soon, hopefully putting an offer on a larger (and much less expensive) place this week.

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