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My apartment is 575 square feet.  It's me and my 2 kids.  Good layout, enough storage, and I like the cozy feel :)

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We have 1250 sq.ft., about evenly split between upstairs and downstairs.
There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (but the downstairs bathroom is just a toilet and sink, and is about the size of a closet).


This is a townhouse, with no outside storage or yard. There are six of us - three adults (ds1 is 19), and three kids. We'll need to move at some point, because the ages and genders of our children and the bedrooms we have available just don't work. The kids are B: 19, G: 9, B: almost 7, G: almost 3.  We have the youngest three in the biggest bedroom, which is okay for now, but dd1 is getting more touchy about her privacy, and sharing with her little brother isn't going to work for more than another year or two. Since I don't think ds1 will move out until he finishes school (April, 2014), we don't have anywhere to put her! I think we may get a screen, so she can partition off her side of the room when she wants to.


We also have a lot of decluttering to do. We got rid of quite a bit about a year ago, then our progress sputtered out. DD1 and ds2 are homeschooling, so we also have a ton of books, papers, craft supplies, art projects, etc. taking up space. (Right now, my small kitchen area is partially occupied by a model volcano and a bunch of butterfly chrysalises.)

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We live in 1870 sq ft home (including a finished basement) with a garage and a good size backyard. We are 2 adults, 1 2yo and a new one due any day. I think its a good size for us. Hosting big indoor play dates is a bit of a challenge b/c of the layout of the main level. BUt on nice days we have a great backyard for having large groups of people. I agree with a pp --- having a yard and a garage / attic storage can do a lot to make a place feel less cramped (or more spacious depending on how you look at it wink1.gif

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We have about 1000 sqft for 5 of us, 2 adults and 3 kids, plus a dog and cat :) We have 3 bedrooms and 1 (tiny) bathroom.  The layout is a little odd, but it is doable, especially with all the decluttering I have done recently.  We do have a large yard which makes it much more doable, particularly in the summer.  I wouldn't mind another 500 sq ft, but never really wanted a huge house.

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We are in an apartment with 960 square feet (including a great big balcony) and it's huge for two adults and a baby, though the baby loooooooves to explore it all.  Right now we're not using the second bedroom at all except to store boxes as we unpack.  On the other hand, we have long-term houseguests coming (a lot of them) so we will put that bedroom and guest bathroom to good use in a little while!

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Officially our flat is 1120 sq feet, but it's "efficiency" meaning  "usable space" is (I think) 88%/, which makes it 985.6.  We have 3 bedrooms, a living-room-dining-room, a kitchen, a small room that is designed to be a domestic-helper's room (w/ bath) that we now use as a combination pantry and laundry room. This is considered a large flat in Hong Kong.


We're two adults, and 2 teenagers and it's fine. We also have a roof-top where we can hang out our laundry (when it's not raining), BBQ, and grow herbs and veg in containers.

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1800 sq + 950 unfinished in the dry usable basement. We have three kiddos. It works well for us, but I was a little worried when we first moved in about cleaning. It's worked out so far, just had to get used to it and make a schedule.

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You can see the square footage on your county auditor's website. Just google it and type in your address.

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2,300sf for 6 people. Two kids, my husband and I, and my husbands' parents.

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So our house is 1050 sq feet but it includes 180 sq ft of "non usable" space (they included the porch and storage room as part of the space, the storage room is not usable) so really its 870 sq ft.. We have 3 kids (soon to be four) ages 5, 3, 1 and to be born in October.. then hubby, me, a cat and a rather large dog. It works for now since all the kids want to sleep in the same room but I think we will outgrow it within a few years (I'd like to separate the boys and girls or the littles and bigs by the time my oldest is 8)..

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We just measured our apartment.... it's 480sf.  I'm patting myself on the back for getting along here, because for a while I thought the problem was me!  Two adults, one toddler, and cats.  We've been living here going on three years, and we will probably have another baby here if that happens.  It's a little tight, but we do have access to communal attic storage (with squirrels!), front porch, back yard, and foyer so that helps a lot.  I wish our place was a little bigger - even another 100 sf would feel huge to us, I think.  But I am trying to do some stuff with organization, under bed boxes, and potentially a couple big bookshelves, that should help.  Having a back yard, short commute, and lead safe apartment at the price we can afford is a blessing, even if you have to turn sideways to sit on the toilet.... lol.  Also, our landlord is really cool and I've got a garden in the back.  I've been reminding myself that people all over the world live in the same tight spaces and get by, so we can do it too.  But I totally wish we had a second bedroom.  :)

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We have 2500 finished sq ft and another 300-ish not.  We have 2 adults, a 4 and 2 year old and another on the way.  

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I'm guessing we have about 2100 square feet.  It's 5 bedrooms, 3 baths for 9 people (me, my husband, and 7 children).  It is comfortable for us with the exception of not enough storage space (no basement or garage, only a small attic).  We homeschool, so we converted the dining room into our school room, but there never seems to be enough space for the kids STUFF.

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We are moving next week from 960 sq ft to a bit less than 500 sq ft, and paying the same rent for it... but it's in a much nicer part of town. It's just me and DS. I'm saving for a tiny 2 bedroom home (Tumbleweed's Lusby model) to buy for us in a few years that will be 117 sq ft on a trailer with RV type hookups, but also with solar panels and a composting toilet for going off-grid... one of the bedrooms is a loft that's not included in the sq footage though. ;)

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We have about 1250sqft. 4bed, 2bath, 1 car garage, decent sized yard.


We have 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 large dog, 2 cats --- fulltime. And there are three stepkids, but they are only here (to sleep) one at a time.


Parents in room 1, boys in room 2, play/guest in room 3, office/sewing in room 4. It's really perfect for us. We've lived in much smaller and much larger. I like this size.

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I'm not sure exactly, but figure somewhere in the 1200-1400 range, not including the partial basement.  3 bed/1 3/4 bath (the 3/4 is in the basement).  So far it's just hubby, me, and the critters (2 large dogs, 4 cats), but come November we'll be adding the kidlet.


Hubby and I have separate bedrooms and the other will be the nursery and eventual kid's room.

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1,111 sq ft. We live in a 2 bedroom, Jack and Jill bathroom, condo. It's pretty spacious! We're a family of 4. 

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Our current house is probably over 3000 sq ft. with 4/5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. It's only me, my husband, son (and baby #2 arriving soon), and one cat. At first I loved it - so much room to stretch out! Three floors to roam. Storage galore. Wood floors. But over time I have grown to dislike the cleaning required, the way the unused rooms accumulate so much crap, the four bathrooms to maintain. We're not maid type people - I do my own cleaning etc. Sometimes you have to enjoy the 'good life' before you realize it's not all it's cracked up to be.


We are now voluntarily minimizing and  downsizing, and are in the process of purchasing a 1,600 sq ft house. It's much more modest than our current place, but we both fell right in love with it. Perfect layout, no more wasted space, only two bathrooms, a beautiful fenced in yard, and best of all, a lovely screened in back porch to enjoy these summer nights. It's perfect, and amazingly, all this for 100K less than our current place. I can't wait to move!!

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We just bought a house that is 933 sq ft, not including the basement which we plan to have finished. We have a decent sized yard which makes a difference. In the next 5-10 years, I'd like to end up in a house with maybe 2000sq ft. Right now, it's myself, my dh, our 2.5yr old, a dog, a cat, and a baby due in October. We'll need more space before too long. 

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We live in about 700 square feet. 2 Adults, one 6 year old, and a gunea pig. We like the small space, plus it's cheap and easy to clean. In the future we hope to purchase a smallish house.

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