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I make it we have around 900 square feet, and almost no garden. That's actually a pretty reasonable size for the UK.

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We have about 1800 sq ft for two adults, three kids and two cats. I'm not sure if that is counting the basement or not--I have to look it up. 

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Our home is 750 sq ft and we have 6 people and 1 pet living here. My two wishes were that our lounge area were just that little big bigger and that our laundry and bathroom were seperate (currently they are combined).

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Ours is 1050 square feet.  Two adults, two kids and a dog.  Its' a bit bigger than what we need.

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Over the past 10 years...


500--> 1500 -->700 -->800 -->1400 --> 1800 --2250 --> 2000


We're currently buying a house that is 1700. We wanted one that is 1500/1600 or so, but it didn't work out. I think, honestly (for us), 2000+ is just too much. We're two adults, two kids and a dog.

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3300 sq feet, 4 bed 2.5 bath, 1.5 acres. we have a finished three car garage that is currently being used as an office and work area so i believe that counts into the square footage. it's also a split level, which makes it seem less huge since you're really only in one space at a time. love the open floor plan but love the 1.5 acres even more. although i have to say, it is too much to clean. we are 2 people with one infant, lots of people using the guest bed when they visit. and our house has always been the central hang out for friends and fam though as we like to entertain. even when we were living in 700 sq feet it was that way! but man, was 700 square feet a cinch to clean. i could do it in an hour flat! :)

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My brother-in-law, a real estate agent, says they measure houses they're selling by the outside dimensions of the house and include any possible living space such as an enclosed porch or finished basement. Of course that comes up with a higher number than someone who measures the interior of each room and adds them together!

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We have about 1100 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  We are two adults, one infant and two cats.

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We are in a 2700 sq ft house, but that inclueds the large mostly unused basement. We are 3 adults (we have a friend renting a room), one toddler (with a cousin that sleeps over a lot), and 5 dogs, two of which are giant breeds. 


This is too much for us, but not that much extra. We always need a full room for all our music stuff too. We have 4 actual bedrooms, 2 extra rooms one is the "dog room" the other my husbands office, and one is a play room. The basment is full of musical insturments. We are moving (hopefully very soon) and looking for about 2000 sq feet, with a bigger yard. 

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We have just under 1200 sq ft. It's Dh, me, 18 y/o ds and his drum kit ;), 14, 8 and 3 y/o dd's. 2 cats 2 dogs. It's cramped sometimes but I can hear everything that happens in the house and can get it clean fairly quickly. 

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My appraisal when I bought the house says 784 sf which I think is about right. It doesn't include an enclosed porch/mudroom/pantry and the laundry room I don't think though. 3 bed/1 ba (one of the bedroom is tiny and we use it as a work/office type space). We have multiple large out buildings including a heated shop/garage that is larger than the house. We have 4 (adult, teen, tween, and toddler), dog, cats, goats, and many chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Just shy of 7 acres of land, 2 of it fenced in for outdoor play space. It doesn't feel small to me. I wish I had a better kitchen set up as there is literally 2'x2' space for food prep and we cook everything from scratch...but I manage!

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750 sq ft
2 adults
2 kids
1 dog
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Currently 1200, ranch, one unfinished basement room only accessible by bulkhead.  2 adults, 2 kids, one cat.  2 baths and technically a 3 bed, but we HAVE to have an office and there's no room anywhere else in the house for one.


We moved here less than a year ago, downsizing from 2400 and donating much beloved items because of that.  I HATE having less space, and I'm not thrilled with the layout, but we moved for the schools...and in the condo, we didn't have a backyard.  Now we have 1/2 an acre.  So, it's give and take.  But I can't live here forever- HOPEFULLY, when DD2 starts school I'll be able to increase from PT to FT and DH will be promoted and have his bachelor's by then.  Ideally I'd like the next house I buy to be one that I'm in for the next 20ish years, and I'd like approximately 2500 sq ft.


My mom has 5,500 for herself and her husband and it's completely ridiculous for anything less than a 6 person family, minimum.  Three of us lived there for a year and could easily go days without seeing them!

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Right now we have a 1,100 sq ft apartment in Manhattan.  We hit the jackpot buying this place, so we will likely never move unless a 3 BD becomes available in our development.  


1,100 feels massive to me-- and that includes the balcony.  2 BD, with our BD being big enough for a small sleeper couch also, and 1 BA.  I was so used to cramming into tiny NYC spaces that this just feels crazy big to me, even though there is no storage at all and our tiny closets are packed floor to ceiling with plastic ikea bins.  


Any day now baby will be here and we'll be 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 cats.  Baby sleeps in our room for awhile but her stuff is in our son's room (who is already in a low ikea bunk bed with play space underneath).  


When we had our first we were in a 600 sq ft 1 BD and it was fine when he was a baby (we shared a dresser, bedroom only big enough for crib side carried, queen bed, and dresser crammed in) and all toys and such were in the open LR/kitchen.  It had beautiful high ceilings which made it feel big even though it wasn't!  No way could we fit an older kid or 2nd kid in there though.  

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We, my 11 YO son and myself, rent an apartment. It`s tiny, tiny, but oh so lovely. It`s 320 square feet, if you can believe that. lol.gif  It has a garden that we just LOVE. Our own, little garden, with place to eat, with a place to play etc. love.gif Since the apartment is so, so tiny, it feels like we have a lot of stuff. But in reality I don`t think we do. I have quite a bit of books, though. We are lucky to have a room outside the apartment, where we can store away stuff we don`t use everyday/week. I also have a huge freezer in that room.

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Our apartment is about 800 sq ft. It's myself, my DH, 9 yr old 3 yr old and another on the way. Our friend is also staying with us for a little bit till he gets situated. Our apt is 2 bed 1 bath. I would like to have another ebdroom, but a smaller place.

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Just about 1200 square feet 3 bed, 2 bath for two adults, one child, and a cat

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We have just over 800 square feet and an acre of land. Right now, it's me, my husband, and our animals. Somedays it feels like a cardboard box, but it actually works better for us than having a larger place.

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Two adults, two children, two cats in a 1,500 sq. ft. 3 BR/2 BA apartment - one BR being used as a home office/storage area. Some storage and shared laundry are in the basement. Kids share larger bedroom. DH and I have a small bedroom, but I will never trade since we have the en suite bathroom (kids also have kitty litter in their bathroom). The dining room and living room are also separate, which I like. It has always felt like enough space except now that we are approaching the teen years.

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