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Broken heart. Ouch. :(

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I've been pretty good friends with this guy for a couple of years, and we've gotten very close.  I've spent the night with him just snuggling, nothing more.  But I care about him, and I like him, you know? 


Yesterday our friends had a little BBQ party, a handful of mutual friends, and this guy was there.  A new girl showed up, and they were completely absorbed with each other (he invited her).  I felt jealous, then I felt bad for feeling jealous, because it's not like he's my boyfriend.  He was rude to me a couple times I tried to talk to him, and the whole day was sad agony.  I couldn't leave because my son (8yo) was having the time of his life with his friend who lives there.  And my son needs this friendship, because he has been left out socially at school and seems depressed about it.  He needs a real friend he can depend on.  I watched my son in the light of the campfire and felt such a deep love for him, much more than usual.  Knowing everything I will put myself through so that he is happy. 


My opinion of this guy has so completely changed.  It's not like he's looking for a girlfriend, he just wanted to get laid.  He just threw away our friendship.  All of our mutual friends that were there knew that I like him, and they saw what happened.  I have the feeling that they are going to yell at him later about how awful he treated me. 

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I'm so sorry, momma. I hope you can grab some extra cuddles from your boys - that always helps me when I'm feeling tender.

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The kids are at their dad's, but I loved on my dog a bit today.  :)  I'm feeling OK. 


I'm kinda like, 'that's how you want to live your life?  that's disgusting.'  Maybe I failed as a friend. 

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That is horrible! The acting rude thing is never a good sign. hug2.gif

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Well we both have Asperger's, a communication breakdown was bound to happen sooner or later. 

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