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Pregnancy Blues

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just me?


I felt similar my last pregnancy but was going through extremely trying circumstances, now I feel the same, just different circumstances but I don't feel like leaving my bed, interacting with anyone, doing anything. I am working harder at hiding my pregnancy that feeling anything happy you feel when your expecting, Im not excieted, Im dreading the storm that will be coming. I was second guessing being with my partner, I even thought about abortion. My partner is leaving soon for Alberta so, like my first child, Ill be alone during pregnancy. My family is going to be furious, but I cant leave, I live with them. Ill be leaving everything after I have the baby to move out to Alberta, Ill be having the baby here without the dad. 


This is all very similar to when I was pregnant at 19 and was a single mother the entire pregnancy, birth and 18 months until I met my partner now and I never wanted to have another like that...and here I am at nearly 2 months pregnant

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hug2.gif I hope you find peace in your situation.

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Canadian Hippie, I've been feeling down off and on since finding out I am pregnant.  I am so happy about this pregnancy, but hormones can really do a number on my emotions!  Your situation sounds really rough too...I hope your family reacts better than expected!  Just be sure to try to take care of yourself in little ways, because you are going through some hard life transitions right now.  Add pregnancy hormones and symptoms on top of that, and what you're feeling is totally normal!

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Thanks so much loveandgarbage & rachieface for the kind words !rocks.jpg

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canadianhippie, where in Alberta will you be relocating? I'm in Edmonton and would love to meet up with you if you need mama friends. We are a young couple as well, my DP is also still in school. With my first pregnancy we were living in Vancouver, and I ended up moving back to Edmonton in my second trimester, while he stayed in Van to finish his semester. So I understand how difficult it can be to be young parents in post-secondary, as well as being pregnant alone :(

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oh thats perfect! He will be in Leduc and we will eventually rent there, I would love to have another likeminded mama to know in a new city


Im actually really at my breaking point where I will spread out the remaining courses I need and move out when my DP says were good to go, I cannot bear feeling like this for my pregnancy where I am regarded as a mark on the family, I want to be happy and that will absolutely not happen here

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You definitely need to do what's best for you and baby! Grant Macewan has an Early Childhood Education program and I am sure you could finish it out here. I actually have a friend who was taking it and got pregnant so she had to postpone a bit to graduate. The instructors seem really accommodating and family-oriented so if you need to put school on hold for a bit I'm sure you could do it here! School can wait, but you're only pregnant for a short period of time, and it should be a happy one :)

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Oh thanks so much! Your actually being a HUGE help to guide me around the new city!


Can you recommend any midwives or birth centre in or around Leduc? me and my DP have a new goal of me and our babies out there for September 1st, September will be my 5th month and Im worried about finding midwife care


Is there anything I should know about health cards? Is my ontario health card valid there for a bit? Enough to seek a midwife? 

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Here's a list of all the midwives in Edmonton area: http://www.asac.ab.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57:edmonton-area-midwives&catid=38:about-midwives&Itemid=92


The closest to you is probably Beginnings or Barbara Scriver, they're on the southend. The only birth centre in the city is Lucina, but they're on the west end of Edmonton. I would call every midwife TODAY if you really want midwife care. It's super competitive in Edmonton, and most people call around 4-5 weeks to get a midwife. Last pregnancy I called at 5 weeks and put myself on every waiting list but I was unable to get a midwife. This time I emailed everyone in the middle of the night minutes after I got a positive test, and luckily I got on with the midwives at Lucina! But several of the midwives were already booked for all of February (I don't know how? Prebooking before you get pregnant maybe?) But honestly I wouldn't expect to find a midwife at this point, sorry :( I had my daughter with Dr. Lidkea, who's awesome and has done home births before and is a real advocate for natural birth and breastfeeding, but she delivers at the Sturgeon in St. Albert. The Grey Nun's is supposed to be the second best hospital in the Edmonton area for births, and that's on the southend. I don't have a recommendation for an OB, though.


As for your health card, I'm not sure... I would apply as soon as you get here, and just let your health care provider know the situation. It's completely free in Alberta, so you don't have to worry about any fees, I'm not sure how it works in Ontario? I know when I lived in BC for a year I never switched to a BC health card, and they told me at the free clinic they can't cover preventative care, so I couldn't get a pap smear, but I was able to get a pregnancy test? Not really sure what prenatal care falls under, but I'm sure someone will treat you as long as you've applied.

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Thank you so much, i have emailed every centre and am hoping for the best, if not then ill give it my best shot to avoid a c-section and coach myself, might just end up at the Leduc hospital, but thank you soo much for your help!!!


that Lucina centre is beautiful!

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