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Fascinating Dunstan Baby Language

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I just stumbled upon a great podcast by Pregtastic, Episode 192 that lead me on to learning about the

Dunstan Baby Language. Is anyone familiar with this??? It is absolutely fascinating and ear-opening!!!


Here are some links I found. The youtube clips are very good!


On Opra:  http://youtu.be/nv3-74EFtWQ


On Australian 60 Minutes:  http://youtu.be/gYPfrf2aU-Q


Pregtastic Podcast: 


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This is unbelievable! It got good reviews on Amazon, I might get it. Thank you for posting.

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Very interesting!!! Can't wait to try the theory out!!!!
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This is really interesting.  It seems to resonate to me in terms of what I remember of DS's cries, especially around hunger.  I'm looking forward to seeing if it seems to work with this baby!

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I thought it was amazing too, but of course want to see if it works or if I can work it out.  It seems to make good sense and Dunstan seems really sincere and really tuned in.  It makes sense that the sounds are born from reflexes and that different reflexes make different sounds.

I think this theory is good for babies 0-3 months - not sure what happens after that...hopefully we will all know our children by then.


I bought the DVD.  It may be the best purchase I've ever made....we shall see ;-)


If this works, EVERYONE should be taught these 5 words/sounds a baby makes!

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She said that babies stop communicating with these sounds by 3 months if parents don't recognize their needs and don't respond appropriately. I took that to mean that they continue using the "language" if parents react while they're newborns. 

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Ah, Chrisa, I must have missed that.  That's good to know!

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This is fascinating.  I can't afford the DVDs. I'll do my best with the clips that you posted, Babi. Let us know what you think of the DVD when you get it.

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How cool!!! I'm sold!


The burping piece is pretty interesting... I rarely burped my DD1 :/ oops!

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Makes total sense. I've cared for quite a few newborns in my short time. The owh sound sounds whiney, v obviously a tired cry. That one stood out to me immediately. Heh to me sounds like they are looking for help. It is a more desperate sounding cry. The gas one sounds like a cry they would make if they got hurt. Neh sounds like a generic baby cry, probably b/c they are always hungry!

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