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Northern Colorado

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Everyone OK in NoCO?  We are within a couple miles of the fire but we aren't in any danger.

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We are okay but the smoke is really bothersome. It is like wintertime. We love to play outdoors but with the poor air quality we are spending alot more time indoors with windows closed. Bleh. I'm not sure how many more rounds of "cooking school" I have in me. Thankfully the air is a bit clearer today so we were able to be out for a little while.
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Hoping for more rain!

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Colorado has been so dry. Very, very sad for all of the loss.
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We are out east of Fort Collins...smoke isn't too bad but the heat is really getting to me.


My kids said something about my bil maybe being evac'ed again tonight because of another fire or something. They are above Masonville. Didn't see any news on it though.


I see this was posted 2 weeks ago. Hoping you are still doing alright.

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This morning when I checked the fire was 75% contained. I'm hoping the rain today helped. It rained off and on all day here. Now my house just smells like wet charcoal. It really cooled it off too.
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