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Am I being crazy/over cautious??

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My 5yo dd has a slew of allergies.  I am a BIG chicken about trying new foods with her.  Part of my chicken-ness has to do with a fear of reaction (obviously) and also a fear of disappointment.  But I have discovered yet another fear.  For instance, dd eats clams.  She loves them.  We all do.  Yay!  A fun thing to eat on Friday nights.  I am wanting to expand our diet in this area.  Scallops are so yummy.  I would love to try them.  But here is my fear.  What if dd reacts to scallops and then can no longer tolerate clams.  I have the same fear with olives.  Olive oil is one of the few healthy and safe oils for dd.  What if she reacts to olives and then can no longer tolerate the oil??


Is my fear crazy???  I think in terms of the olive/olive oil it isn't.  But what about the clams and scallops?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am a pg woman looking for more protein sources and craving scallops yummy.gif  Plus, I would love to expand her diet.





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So I don't recall your entire story, but are these allergies or intolerances?  Who diagnosed them?  How?  Blood or skin testing?


Here's the thing... I have been at this allergy game for a while.  While Western medicine is not all that accurate on dx, I have found holistic testing to be even less so.  You find people claiming allergies to things that are not normally allergenic (which I know you can be allergic to anything but really, 90% of "true" IgE allergies are Top 8 in nature).  Sugar? Potatoes? Coconut?  Not *usual* allergies.  Do they exist, yes (DS had a coconut allergy) but is it typical?  No, not at all. 


No food can be cleared unless tried.  That is the long and the short of it.  Your (general your, not you specifically ;) ) isn't allergic to XYZ.  Well, have they ever tried it? No? Then you can't say for sure but what are the chances?  Not great if XYZ isn't a Top 8 allergen.  Having an allergy is not hugely common (though becoming more so now). Having two, not really common.  Having multiple?  Not common at all!


If you have no indication of an allergy to "sea" creatures (fish, shell fish, bivalves and so on) give it a whirl.  Keep dpi pens around in case of a reaction, but they should always be round anyway!


Hang in there!  Be cautious but I would give it a try.

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We have dx with blood tests, scratch test, and via trial.  Our allergist has told us that no test is 100%, that the only way to know for sure is through trial.  Some trials she says we can do at home, some she insists on doing in office.  DD is allergic to coconut (funny you should mention that one).  That was found by giving it to her at home and her getting hives.  I do not consider her allergic to something until she has eaten it and had a reaction (although there are some things I avoid because of positive tests, mainly nuts and beef).  I do believe she has some what I would call intolerances or maybe it would be mild allergies.  There are certain things, some types of fruits mainly, that if she eats them several days in a row they bother her.  For this reason, we rotate fruits.  So, that is basically our history.  Thanks for your response.



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Have you asked your allergist?  If you are worried, ask for an in office trial maybe?  I know they are scary (at least for the parents. My DS loves his office challenges strangely enough lol).  It is such a great feeling when you pass them!  I totally get your hesitation though.  If you feel this would open up options for you, I would look into it!  That's what we did with coconut.  I explained all the options it would open up for us and the Dr. agreed so we went for it with great results!


Hugs.  I know it's tough.  I would call and follow your gut!  If they say go for it but you are not into it, hold off, but again, the reward may be a new option for DD (and the preggo Mama ;) ) I would try!

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Am a bit confused by your two responses here. So you write that your DS had coconut allergy and in the next comment you write that an office trial cleared it up for you (you spoke to the Dr, he agreed and he cleared the test)..so you added it back in.. am I correct?


Now. before the office trial then how did you know he HAD the coconut allergy in the first place? Other symptoms? So even if your DS cleared the coconut test in the office trial.. those symptoms would have still been persistent right? Did you ignore them later?

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I know he had a reaction because he had hives and GI issues after eating it several times. The Dr. Tested him (skin and blood) which were both +. After a while (2+ years of strict avoidance ). I asked for a trial since his sympotomes were not full blown ana reactions. Dr said to trial it at home which we did with no adverse reaction.
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OP, I'd be careful because those are shellfish and it's a top 8 and you're dealing with a highly allergic child. I'd hesitate to add the scallops. Are you using cold pressed/virgin type olive oils that might have the allergenic properties still there or the more refined types?

I'm pretty careful with my son for reasons you described. I don't want to lose anything he can eat. So he has one seed (sunflower) because we have other seed allergies. I'd hesitate to add another and so we avoid mustard for example (which is more allergic anyway).
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