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Nice to hear from mamas in the same boat :)  I'm 40w5d and alternating between feeling peaceful and excited about baby, and so completely DONE and uncomfortable and weepy :)  It's been quite a week.  Plus my DD has been sick and cranky.  Good times.


We're planning an HBAC, and my midwife can only deliver up to 42 weeks.  I just saw our backup OB yesterday for NST & BPP, which baby passed with flying colors, yay.  Found out that he can't induce a VBAC due to his insurance (grrrr).  Because of where we live (very rural), he's the only guy who will even do VBAC at all.  So if I make it to 42 weeks (July 1), it's another c-section.


I'm trying to be at peace and have patience and "let go".  I've been having prodromal labor for WEEKS which is exhausting just because you constantly have your hopes up.  And we had a false alarm on Saturday, some good contractions that petered out.  This is exhausting.  I totally get why women go for induction when their doctors offer.  Not for me, that's for sure, but I get it.


Because I've never gone into labor, I'm having a hard time visualizing it happening.  But trying to have faith that my body will do what it's supposed to do in the next week & a half.

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i am now 39+2. bleh. this might be the first time i see a due date since the first kid. one day short of when i went into labor with the 5yr old. the oldest came at 42 weeks on the dot. 


i am so tired of getting crampy every day and feeling like this might be the day and then nothing happens. sigh. you would think after 3 kids already that i would know not to be able to expect when it will happen. 

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im still here and so T.I.R.E.D. of being pregnant!!!! I was "due" 6/16 or 6/18 depending on how you calculate the due date. im an emotional wreck atm. i think i'm going to be pregnant forever. it doesn't help that i have all these worst case scenarios floating around in my head about having an induction or on the flip side not having an induction. does that make any sense? i was doing acupuncture and i stopped doing it. i've had my membranes swept. i've been doing evening primrose oil, sex, walking, etc. i just feel kind of hopeless that i can have any influence over this baby coming. i was checked on tuesday and i'm 3cm (stretched to 4) and 80% effaced. so why hasn't labor started? will i just be this way forever???! b/c it sure feels like it.


okay... rant over.

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thegoodearth-- I think we are going to be pregnant forever.  FOREVER.  Seriously, right there with you.

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mudhugger - thanks for letting me know you're right here with me blowkiss.gif


grouphug.gif to you and all of us mamas who are going to be pregnant forever

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Hi mamas! Today is my due date. I'm not really expecting anything to happen in the next 15 hours  (I really thought this baby would be early, but it would seem not), so it looks like I'll be joining those of you in the 40+ club.


Sending peaceful, patient vibes to everyone who's struggling with these last days and weeks. It has to end sometime...right?

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It's my due date too - never expected to get this far with my second.  Anxiety is starting to creep in already about induction, since I really don't feel ANYTHING going on at this point.  I'm feeling disappointed and also feeling like my body just won't go into labor naturally!  I know it's a little crazy to think that, but part of me really does feel like my body will just be pregnant forever!

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my due date isnt until wed. but i still feel like i will be pregnant forever. bleh. 

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I'm at 39 weeks, so not yet having the pregnant forever feelings, but if I do get to that point, I'm thinking a nice matinee movie and lunch, even by myself, would be very relaxing.  Hope it's happening soon for you all!

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I am 40+2 today, and I surprisingly haven't gotten to the "I'm going to be pregnant forever" phase... But I am definitely at the "I'm sick of being pregnant so please get out of my belly" phase...

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I am going out of my mind today, and I'm only 40+1.

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Calycanth... Unless I am mistaken, the average for first time moms is 40+5. Somehow the due date is not a very helpful concept, I think, esp. for first timers.

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I agree completely! Next time I'm just going to assume the baby will be gestating for 42 weeks.

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OK...  I can't believe how low my baby is.  This is nuts.  I best I can make my pelvis feel is to lay on my back with my pelvis on a pillow.  Which works awesome for about 2 seconds before I have to get up.  This baby is sitting so amazingly low.....  Never ever had this before and I am 40+4 today....  My longest was 43 weeks.....

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I'm still here... 41 weeks tomorrow (originally my due date was 6/16 but for sanity i'm now saying 6/18). I don't know what to do with myself anymore. 


Iowa - when you went to 43 weeks, were you going insane by the end? how did labor actually end up starting that time for you? did you have a bpp? 


coming up at my next midwife appt the subject of a BPP is going to come up. I think I'm going to do one. Are any of you other ladies who are past 40 weeks going to have a BPP? I've never had one before, so I really don't know what to expect. 

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Uhhh I can't think anymore- what is a BPP?  I was just as insane then as I am now :)   My mom had to come last night and take my kids home with her for their vacation- they needed a break from their grumpy mama.  Last time I had a stalled labor about 4 days before I actually had DS3.  Then when I went into labor again the midwives came and again it stalled- but they checked me and I had a cervical lip that was hanging everything up.  So she pushed it out of the way and things went super fast after that.  I think that is probably what is happening this time too.  I had stalled labor last week and they came- but ended up going home.  I wish I would have had her check me before it stalled.  I have a very tilted uterus so my cervix is way in back.  I have been very pinchy and crampy lately though- so maybe soon....  

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A bpp = a biophysical profile. its an ultrasound where they check fluid levels, movement, and other stuff. i'm having one today and i'm not super thrilled about it - but my midwife is recommending that i do it so i'm going along with it.


that's nice to have a little break from the kids - hopefully you get more of those if this goes on much longer. i'm doing the same thing with my mother-in-law. i feel good about that - DS always has "fun days" as he puts it with grandma. 


that must have been a roller coaster, iowa. it sounds like your labor was really gearing up and then for it to die down like that has got to be tough. keep us posted! hopefully something happens again soon. (i'm hoping no one has to wait 43 weeks lol)

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No- I have never had one of those.  I hope you get a chance to do a little fun something just for you thegoodearth :)  Everytime I had a dr appointment I scheduled a sitter for an extra hour or two so I could spend time just with me!

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For anyone who is going in for the BPP - I recommend drinking LOTS of water beforehand and have had advice to eat some dark chocolate or something like it a couple of hours before.  I had a misread on my fluid levels during my last pregnancy because I just hadn't had enough water and another friend of mine's baby was asleep, which led them to think the baby wasn't OK and led to an induction.  Water is supposed to make the fluid reading more accurate and chocolate/candy makes the baby move a little more.  Good luck!!


I've been having more painful contrax today - sometimes regular at 10 mins or fewer apart, but then spacing out again.  Hope some of us post-date ladies get something going soon!

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I asked my midwife to check me at my appointment today. She said my cervix is still long and not even a fingertip dilated. I know these thing can change quickly, but I'm feeling pretty frustrated. The good news is my NST results were perfect, so the baby is apparently very happy where she's at! I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that my June baby might not show up until July.

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