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WMassMama, I hope this is it for you! fingersx.gif

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I mowed the yard today and then I rode with DH on the tractor for about 4 hours today bouncing through a corn field.  Good contraxs while riding- then as soon as I got off they quit :(  Then we went out for spicy mexican tonight and that did a few more that quit.  Seriously contemplating castor oil....  I have an appt tomorrow morning with my midwives and I will for sure be discussing this idea.  But on a side note- I am trying to get some little newborn hats knit up for newborn pictures :)  One of my good friends is starting her photography business and will be taking the pics and I am just going to probably leave whatever hats I get done with her for props.  So that is kind of fun!

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Well, today is my due date.  I guess I am joining the post date club.  I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday and it gave me almost regular contractions and some serious cervical twinges for a few hours last night, but it eased off when I went to sleep.  My doula said that no induction tricks work unless your body is already close to ready.  She advised against castor oil- said it could work, but it could just seriously drain me and not put me into labor.  I want so badly to be patient and just enjoy these last days.  We worked so hard to get pregnant and this may be the last time.  However, I am afraid I may not have that luxury.  I have been getting weekly NSTs and biophysical profiles since 36 weeks because I have slightly high BP in the doctor's office (still ok at home).  My older DD was induced because of this and each time I go in, I am nervous that I will have to fight off induction.  I am afraid post-dating will increase the pressure to medically induce.  My next appointment is Thursday.  Come on baby!

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CA Country Girl - I would agree with you on avoiding the castor oil.  Even if it does work, I think severe diarrhea sounds like an unpleasant way to start labor! 

I've also been doing acupuncture and a few other 'tricks' (walks, spicy food, etc.) and keep getting fooled into thinking things are going somewhere.  Yesterday contractions were 5 min apart for 4 hours, gradually getting stronger and longer along with cervical twinges... and then started to slow all of a sudden, I went to lie down to rest & fell asleep, woke up and things had pretty much stalled.  Today they've been about 30 min apart all day.   Trying not to feel disappointed or discouraged.  I have an appointment tomorrow and an ultrasound on Thursday - also having that medical induction fear.  Can't wait to meet my baby, but now I'm so exhausted I hope he waits at least until I get a good night's sleep tonight!

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Well I have been talked out of castor oil by my midwife.  So now I am back to waiting somewhat patiently....  Well not really patiently.  Tomorrow will be 41 weeks......  I don't know... I might try acupuncture.  I KNOW babies come when they are ready.  But gosh I want mine to be ready now!

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my first tri dating us due date is tomorrow. but my o day due date isnt until sat. i dont think i will be having a june baby after all. real early july baby maybe. this kid is so big in me. bigger than the others were. i know it will be 9 lbs and i am now convinced my husband was right and it will be a july 4th baby. i will laugh hysterically if he is spot on the money. it is only a week away. i auppose i could wait that long. it would give me time to go grocery shopping again for the next month and pay the monthly bills etc. he is so low in there that i can feel the pain on my cervix. 

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I'm not "past due" yet but thinking good thoughts for all of you. The next full moon is July 3 (that's next tuesday, exactly one week). If you don't go by then, perhaps that will be your "outside number"!

AFM, my EDD is saturday (the 30th) so I coud very likely have a July baby.

Wishing you all the best!
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Well I have been talked out of castor oil by my midwife. 

While it could work, I think this is wise. Someone my mom knows ended up with diarrhea AND throwing up violently. She did go into labor, but it not actually a positive experience to labor like that...

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Yeahhh.... I don't need all that I guess.  I did get my paperwork and bank stuff done today- so that is something to cross off my list :)  I woke up feeling great and now I am crampy and sore and don't want to do anything....  Going to the chiro at 4 so hopefully that will help with this horrid back ache I have- so glad I made an appt last week!  

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