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In my experience, using unscented wipes to wash hands actually works pretty good shy.gif.  I use them when I am at art fairs as vendor.  We usually do not have access to sinks and soap.  I would not go to a fair with out them.  I have not been ill from the experience so far and have been doing this for 7 years.  On the other hand, I would expect that they are teaching life skills, even as young as kindergarten, and that washing hands would be one.  Better to get in the habit younger than older.


I am curious about the hand sanitizers at public places.  I have read purell is ineffective (but it is good for cleaning tarnish off silver-fyi), but what about the ones at the hospitals?  My ds was just in for appendix and the nurses used them all the time.  Are they a better formula than in the past?

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I have switched my church nursery over to unscented wipes from the Purell stuff... it seems like an improvement to me.  The kids always end up "washing the table" after they wipe their hands...


I like your little wipe and snack packet idea...  :)  Good job!  :)

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I know this is an old post. But at my school the teacher used spray bottles. The kids would line up outside and hold their arms out and palms up. The teacher would spray heir hands with soapy water, the kids would rub-a-dub-dub, and the aide would follow up with a water spray, then excuse the kid to get a paper towel.
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I don't know about your area but ours NEVER entertained non-life threatening allergies and not because of other kids with whatever claims.... because it's too expensive for the schools. My kids are vegetarian and there are school lunch options maybe twice a month. Even if we qualified for free lunch, we would not have been catered too.  Your niece isn't being denied because of other kids... she's being denied because there are large quantities of children these days with peanut allergies and many with life threatening cases. What she's asking for is just TOO specific an issue that affects a very small minority. In school, the majority is always considered over the minority.


Schools really don't care about exceptions as long as it doesn't make their life harder. If you don't want your child to participate... fine, but provide your own option for them. They get upset when they have to pour out money to feed around 15 different special requests. My kids are sensitive to chemicals. It's not life threatening but it gives them rashes. I always just provided their own stuff and it was never a big deal at all. Lots of young kids do have issues with chemical laden hand sanitation. 

Our area does. With a doctor's note, you can get a lunch that meets your child's specific allergen needs. In fact, for my son who has Crohn's, we could ask for a special lunch for him. Of course, we also have a vegetarian option every day, so maybe we're more progressive on this issue...

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