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Daniel Foster is here!

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Our son Daniel was born this morning at 7:50 am after a quick labor. I knew I was in labor at 5am, got to the hospital at 6am and 7cm, and he was born less than two hours later! I think that I had only technically been admitted for five minutes! Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the whole deal was that my Doula ended up catching him when I was on the toilet thinking I was trying to pee. I had no idea I was feeling the urge to push. He was out in 2-3 pushes and it was pretty crazy for a few minutes. The hospital staff were not happy, to say the least! But it was very unintentional. Everything is fine now though!

He is 7lbs 9 oz and 19.5 inches long. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. Will add pics later! He is so adorable and I am so glad hes here, finally (born at 39w2d)! He is nursing so well and has already had two wet and two poopie diapers. He has had a bit of trouble keeping his temp up so we've been doing lots of skin to skin. Hope we can go home tomorrow!

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Welcome Daniel!  Sounds like a smooth and quick birth.  I can just imagine how surprised the hospital staff must have been.  That is a great story.  Congratulations!

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Congratulations Alice! biggrinbounce.gifThat's wonderful news - welcome to the world Daniel! That does sound like a nice smooth birth. 

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Congratulations!!!  The birth sounds wonderful and really amusing...I can imagine folks were a little confused when you went in to pee and out pops a baby!  :)  Welcome baby Daniel!

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Congrats! What a cute birth story! Glad things were so smooth for you.
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wow! that was quick. congrats!!

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nak congratulations!! that sounds like a perfect birth!! I love the name!

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Congrats! He sounds perfect!

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Okay, I'm going to try to pattern my birth after yours! Congrats mama, and welcome little Daniel!

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Great story! Congratulations and bravo!!

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Wow, that's awesome! Congrats!

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Sounds like all that pre labor you went through really paid off! Congratulations! 

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