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Good liver recipes or ideas?

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I relize liver is a nutritional powerhouse & I really want to start eating it. I just tried a liver, bacon & onion recipe that I found at Nourishing Days: [=http://www.nourishingdays.com/2010/06/beef-liver-with-bacon-onions-and-garlic/][/]. ... I could hardly finish it, it tased so gross to me. I did not over-cook the liver as it was tender & still a bit pink inside. I just couldn't get past the texture & strong flavor (even with a ton of onion & some bacon).

Does anyone have any ideas for how to use liver & maybe hide it? More seasoning? Smaller pieces?
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My DH is weird and loves liver orngtongue.gif he soaks it overnight in wine, but I think something acidic like lemon would work as well.  Then he frys it quickly and makes a sauce with onion, garlic, wine, cream.  It's sort of edible ;)  just have it with big bites of mashed potato.


I grate liver into our ground beef and you would never know it's there.  I call it 'Secret Ingredient Ground beef.'  Hehe. 

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Funny, my DH didn't seem to mind it either - he actually had seconds.

Next time I will try soaking for longer. I did a few hours in apple cider vinegar but overnight (& wine) sounds like a good idea.

I actually had some for lunch today - I had it atop quinoa, bitter greens & some feta. Weird combo but it made the liver tolerable (as much as I wanted to chick it, I just couldn't waste it!)

How do you grate it into your ground beef? A hand grater? What's the ratio of liver to beef that you ise? Food processor? Sounds like a brilliant idea!
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Soaking it in milk helps pull the livery taste out. 


For mixing it with ground beef, you can chop it finely, by hand or in a FP.  If you want to grate it it needs to be frozen, and then just use a hand grater. 


I typically turn my liver into pate.  Mixed with cream/butter/eggs (depending on recipe) and spices I find it so much less offensive.  I actually like it that way.


But I will say that on a nice salad with a good dressing is actually one of my favorite ways to eat my pate.  If you can stomach the liver that way, by all means eat it that way.  I typically make a salad of mixed greens and sliced kumquats, top it with balls of pate and dress it with a tart vinaigrette. 

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I tried this recipe and my husband absolutely loved it! Thanks so much!

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I grate the liver on a handgrater, it is frozen but I let it sit out for a couple of minutes so it can soften a bit, otherwise it is very hard to grate.  I just add however much looks good, start with a smaller amount and see how much you can get without tasting it!

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I think liver from a calf has less strong flavor. Soaking in yogurt or kefit overnight helps too.


I like it in the pate or with butter and onions. If you cut it in really small pieces you can also use it with pasta with olive oil sause. My LO likes it this way.

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I'm going to try out your suggestion Martaluna. That sounds very yummy.

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