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Eastern Long Island?

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My husband has a job interview in Eastern Long Island in a couple of weeks, we anticipate he'll be offered the job because of where he is in the process.  In some ways, I'm very excited having lived most of my life in New England and living now in the South, I'd love to move north!  and actually, DH lived on LI when we met, though much closer to the city at the time.  But I am a little freaked out by the idea because now we have kids and I wonder what it would be like raising them there.  Can anyone tell me what it's like?  We are delayed vax, but only my 2.5 year old won't have CP or MMR at that point, so I don't anticipate much of a problem there.  But what about finding fresh farm produce and grass fed meats?  Is the area back yard chicken friendly?  Are there actually crunchy mamas on LI??  I'm kind of afraid I'm going from super-fake plastic land where everyone looks perfect to the same with a different accent.   I'm also kind of worried about lyme disease.  We don't really have that here, how big of a problem is it really?  I've tried to do some research but I can't find current info, it's all at least 5 years old, and I know that where I used to live they've really gotten lyme under control in the past decade. 


If anyone is out there, I'd love to hear from you!

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You may want to check out this thread for some answers or to post there



I moved 4 yrs. ago so I am not sure if all the CSA's are still around, but there were a few. Here are two




There are some moms on the east end that are like-minded, but I think you will be fine once you find them. Join Hosiltic Moms Group in Riverhead


check out La Leche League, watch for babywearing meetings on the post I listed or join this group



NY has no philosophical exemption so you either do all vaxes or none if you send the kids to school. If you are going to send them you can only use a medical or religious exemption and I suggest having a lawyer write the letter. Email me if you need more info on that.

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Forget to mention that you can have chickens in some places. My friends in Ridge can but it varies by town.

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Thanks for the info. We visited last week and LOVED it! We're going to take it if offered! Chickens are allowed in the area we are considering moving to and the people I met all seemed very sincere, not at all like what I remember from when dh lived closer to the city. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that we'll be there in time for school to start. No worries on the vaxes as I will be staying home for now and hopefully can expose ds to cp before he starts school!

Still curious about lyme disease rates and prevention if anyone wants to chime in on that!
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My sister lives out in Cutchogue, and as far as she knows there is still a big Lyme problem out her way...  (I got it myself while visiting a couple years back, but luckily caught it at the bullseye rash stage, so only antibiotics & no after effects....) 

When we take my son to visit his cousins, tick checks are vital if he spends time outside (and honestly I'm not as good at that as I should be...!)

Good luck!!

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ugh, Cutchogue is quite close to where we're looking.  Lyme scares me!

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