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speaking of Zucchini- my friend made this cake 2 weeks ago for me and I just about died-



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I ran yesterday!!!  I was on the treadmill at the gym, and I just kept upping the speed every 2 minutes until I was running!  Granted, it was only for 4 minutes, and the "running" was only 4mph (my usual running speed is 6mph), but still!  It felt so good.


Just now I went to buy a doughnut and asked for a drink, and the cashier ever so kindly informed me of the various diet options.  Then she asked when I am due.  I told her "end of August" and she said "oh!  so...twins?"  THANKS.

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Mmmm! I LOVE chocolate zucchini cake!! So tasty! Oh, now I'll have to make one...well, after I'm finished w this glucose stuff.

I like sauteed zucchini w olives and herbs in quinoa, too. Yum!


Poppy - I'm using the Precision Xtra monitor. I am terrible at this. I have the hardest time getting enough blood to test. :P I hope the numbers I'm getting are accurate, they've been kind of low. I'm not really surprised, I tend to be a little hypoglycemic. I think I'm doing it properly, even if it takes me multiple pokes/test strips to get one done properly. Ugh. I'll be happy when its over but like you said, at least I'll know its a legitimate reflection.


Lol, Penny! Did you ask her when she was due??

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Okay, so I know this is a "Paula Deen" recipe, but I followed other poster's advice and switched it up a bit:



Instead of oil I used applesauce. Instead of 3 c of sugar I used 1.5. Instead of 1.5 t of soda, I used a t. 


Yum, that chocolate and zucchini cake rocks ! Someone make me one!!!


Penny, that comment was just uncalled for!!! I have seen your pics, and you don't look huge!!

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The day continues!  A coworker just yelled down the hall at me from about 30 feet away "You're getting fat, girl!" then followed it up with "I guess everyone's telling you that?"  I said "nope, just you."  She later came over to my desk to ask if she had been rude (if you have to ask, well...) and then starting asking whether I have a large baby, if the doctor said anything about it, etc.  What is up with today?!

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Penny - I have totally gotten that too.  This higher up here (who is not my favorite banana in the bunch anyway) totally said, "Wow, you are BIG.  Do you think there are two?" 


She should know better, in fact, I think she does.  Grrrrr....



Yum, anything zuchinni and chocolate is awesome in my book.  Yum.  Hungry :). 


AND... DRUM ROLL... We are (if the offer doesn't fall through) - moving back to the US!  Still not QUITE sure if it'll be before or after baby, but just KNOWING that we're going is good enough for me.  And we'll be living with my in-laws for a while - which is awesome because my mom-in-law is a veritable angel and will help us with kiddos while we get settled.  I got a new job - a big step up career wise, and I'm pretty excited - albeit a little nervous. 


And... I feel pumped because they totally hired me knowing that I'm prego and they are being flexible about it.  One more (tiny) step forward for womankind, y'all!  Holla!

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Congrats, Lizbiz!  Sounds awesome.  Great news on the promotion and the help of the in-laws!  Must be nice to be getting back stateside.


Penny, I've come to the conclusion that people just have no idea what pregnant women actually look like.  It's kind of funny, actually.  I look pretty normal (in my opinion) and I'm measuring very slightly ahead, but not much.  And I've gotten strangers telling me there's no way I'll make my due date and my mom commenting that I'm "huge".  Thanks, momma.  My 5'3" friend was carrying a 9lb baby six months ago, and I'll tell you what huge looked like.  She was huge.  But seriously.  The comments are completely bizarre.


In non-pregnancy news, I got an awesome phone call from my little bro today.  He's a Marine and has been deployed since October and their ship just pulled back into Pearl Harbor today so he could finally activate his phone.  It was awesome!  It's totally weird that he has missed the entire pregnancy and won't be able to see his niecephew until the baby is a month old.  It will be like I was totally not pregnant and then magically got a baby.  Deployment must be weird. 


Zucchini bread sounds great!  I ate a salad for the first time in like a week today.  Not sure what's up with my terrible eating habits lately, but they need to be reigned in.  I hope everyone's weeks are going awesome!  I'm (still) dying of bronchitis but am otherwise doing well.  The baby seems to find the coughing amusing.   

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Congrats, Liz (& womankind)! 


Thanks so much for the good thoughts, everyone. It's hard not to be fearful (and I've been kind of cranky today because of it - including swearing like a sailor at the bus driver for almost closing the doors on my arms as I was getting off the bus, even though I wasn't actually hurt) but I'm feeling mostly ok and at peace about the possibility of a hospital birth. 



Originally Posted by poppylove View Post
Eleuthia: Thinking of you. What an interesting set of diagnostics. Makes me a slight bit nervous about never having an ultrasound. Medical tech can be so vital under circumstances. 

I keep thinking about how I wouldn't know about this if I didn't have my annoying (but harmless) polyp. And as much as ignorance would be bliss (since most likely everything will be fine), I think I am supposed to know. And I think pursuing things after my bleeding on Thursday was one of those intuition things - I've had bleeding throughout pregnancy and it might've been reasonable to think little of it since I know the source, but I just had a feeling that this time it meant I needed to be evaluated.  Basically, I think trusting my gut (& my midwives) was just as important as technology!  


In better news, I got a call today letting me know that my hemoglobin is up after less than a month of taking an iron supplement - from 9.6 to 10.3. So I'm on track for it to be good by birth.  

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penny I think lilytiger is right on, people just don't know what real pregnancies look like, I think their only reference point is women in movies wearing fake stomachs. I remember being pregnant with DS1 and I was 26w, this woman asked if I was due next week and then when I said no, she asked if I was having triplets because 'I was so fat'.. I mean, really.


lizbiz OMG I am so so so excited for you! I wish we were moving back.


eleuthia yah great news on the iron! I need to remember to get mine rechecked again, those supplements give me horrible headaches



AFM- Things have been a bit tough lately with DS being really high needs the last week or two and DH is really in a bad mood, I am not sure what is totally going on with DH.. it doesn't help we are super tight with money at the moment and yet he won't easily talk about expenses, he just gets really defensive and upset when I ask 'if we go X how do we afford Y' I am not sure what to do. ..


In better news, the rain here stopped today finally!! and I am forcing myself to take the afternoon off today so I am going to go lay out in the sun a bit alone, read a book and maybe go for a swim if its warm enough.. looking forward to a few hours solo at the moment. joy.gif

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Eleuthia, have you done any tours of either of the hospitals?  It might help you to get an idea of what they are really like.  I thought most hospitals were roughly the same when I got pregnant, only to find out there's a huge difference in terms of what's available, staffing, and policies.  It might help to ease your mind to get a tour and you can find out things like whether they have tubs you can labor in, squat bars and balls, wireless monitoring, and natural-birth friendly practices like immediate skin on skin, etc.  My hospital has all that stuff and when I was there watching my friend's birth it was really more like a birth center than a hospital.  Other hospitals in the area are not, however, quite so friendly.  Especially because you have two hospital options on the table, a tour of each with a list of questions might be a great way to deal if you do lose the birth center option.  Obviously, ignore this post if you've already done this!

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Yay, Lizbiz! Congrats on your new position and promotion. That's so exciting! And on your move news!! I bet it feels good to have the uncertainty behind you. It sounds like its going to be a great move for your family, too. Your MIL sounds wonderful! So happy for you!
I completely agree that not only your co-worker but any woman should know better. Since when is it acceptable to insult another woman's body, pregnant or not?? I just don't get it. Serious foot-in-mouth syndrome.
Lily - Welcome home to your brother! It must have been so nice to talk w him! Deployments are wierd. Its too bad that he missed your pregnancy but its awesome that he'll be able to meet the baby soon after birth. I can't imagine what its like for the mama's who give birth while DH is deployed. Talk about strange! Coming home to a child who wasn't there when you left...unimaginable.
ithappened - I'm right there w you. Budget concerns are so hard to deal with. DH and I have been talking a lot about this lately. I was feeling the same way, that DH was resistant to talking details about our finances, which left me feeling really uncertain about when/where we were going to have the finances to get the nessecities for this LO. Not good. After we've talked about it frankly a few times, its getting a lot easier. We're finally putting together a real budget and I think it will really help to have it all spelled out in real #'s and not just 'well maybe next paycheck'... Do you have a family budget? Do you think that would help? For us, it eliminates so much of the debate since we've already come up w a plan together. Everyone knows the plan and expectations, etc. Of course it has to be flexible but at least it gives you starting place. Enjoy your alone time! You definitely deserve it!! coolshine.gif
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I ran yesterday!!!  I was on the treadmill at the gym, and I just kept upping the speed every 2 minutes until I was running!  Granted, it was only for 4 minutes, and the "running" was only 4mph (my usual running speed is 6mph), but still!  It felt so good.


Just now I went to buy a doughnut and asked for a drink, and the cashier ever so kindly informed me of the various diet options.  Then she asked when I am due.  I told her "end of August" and she said "oh!  so...twins?"  THANKS.

I've been hearing the "twins" comment for MONTHS now. SOOOOO irritating. 

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Isn't it irritating?  I just don't know what goes through people's head when they say stuff like that.  I'm about to start replying "You do realize you just called me fat, right?  How do you think that makes me feel?"

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Good morning lovely mamas,
Lily! Yay a for brother coming home!
Lizbiz, such exciting news! Really happy for you!
It happened: praying you have a restful afternoon. Much deserved! I commiserate with the financial woes. Always a struggle in ours too. Sometimes it just gets so exhausting!
I stress so much about paying for this Homebirth, it is really breaking the bank. eyesroll.gif

My appt. with my midwife yesterday was good. They are so cool. They do so much for me without me even asking. For example, with the funeral last week and some other stuff I conveyed to them that I had been pretty stressed out and yesterday, she brought a flower essence mix that they made just for me. And then the stress about the financials just goes away because I realize what exceptional and attentive care I am paying for. Baby is measuring right on schedule, at 31 wks.
I can't wait for labor! Bring it on. So ready to have my single body back.
Sleeping is not so easy, nor is lifting..bathing..holding...my dd.
Have a wonderful day everyone.
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Lily- Hooray for your brother coming home!!


Penny-- ugh, what is up with folks today?  I try to take those comments with a grain of salt.  I swear, some people tell me I "must be having a girl because you're so small" and others ask if I'm about to go into labor.  Nobody has a clue :)


Poppy-- your midwife sounds awesome!!  And, ha, yes, isn't bathing getting interesting??  I took an actual bath the other day and could not get up out of the tub! I felt like a beetle stuck on its back!


Ithappened-- hope your afternoon is lovely. 



Mmmm, zucchini cake :) Thanks for the recipe links ladies! 

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Penny, that sounds so awesome.  Your LO will enjoy fresh blueberries too from those bushes someday.  Nothing better than walking outside and tasting garden fresh produce.  

Boots, I hope it doesn't cause any issues.  Please keep us updated.  I personally can't imagine teaching that close to your DD, that is a hard decision though.  Glad your NT scan was normal.  

Eleuthia, how long did the pint of fresh berries survive?  lol.  I would have eaten them all in one sitting too.  How did the birth center visit and peri visit go?  Hope all is OK

Keuriweo, glad you passed your test and hope your iron gets back on track.  I also took a class and found one of the instructors interesting as you say, they put way too many unasked for personal opinions out there for my comfort instead of just sticking to the facts.  

VV, I wonder if your cats will like your garden.  Mine eats veggies.  The blackberry bush sounds like a great surprise.  

Justchanti, hope all goes well for your upcoming move.  

LeAnne, what a great weekend.  Congrats on your anniversary!  Thanks for the heads up I think I will stay away from the movie for now...

LilyTiger, glad you feel prepared overall for the birth.  Your shower sounds nice.  We aren't having many edibles in the garden this year either, I did that on purpose since I am not sure how much time/energy I will have to put into them this time around.  

Ithappened, glad babies are doing good.  Hope the reflex meds help.  So great you have the option of leaving the house now with kids in tow.  I am also beyond exhausted, it is a real struggle when I am so motivated but yet just can't do all I want to do!  Stocking your freezer sounds great so far, the meals do at least.  Good luck with everything.  

Poppy, vegging out sounds super.  You might want to install a window unit if you are really starting to feel miserable.  HBD to your DD! 

LizBiz, 14 hours?  Now that is a long day pregnant or not.  Congrats on the new job and upcoming move! 

Newmumjoy, LOL about what you said worrying about postpartum and like the rest of your life beyond that...I also spend time thinking about the future as a mom.  The private session sounds neat, hope it goes well.  Glad DH gets to join you at the doctor.  I also bring a list of questions to doctor visits, I write them down as I think of them then bring them with me.  Sometimes I only have one or none, but one week I had over a dozen.  

Ninetales, hope the new baby waits and lets you watch women's gymnastics.  

ilovetchotchkes, glad it is working out for you! 


Last week of baby went really good, doctors appointments, hospital tours, classes, pre registration, baby shower, working on the list of everything left for baby and trying to stay within the budget, washing clothes, going through the to do lists..I would say nesting has hit but my nesting mood hasn't stopped since I saw my BFP so that isn't really accurate.  I am really enjoying the summer weather and fresh produce.  I am really happy that luck had it that this babe is a summer baby.  I have been going to the pool and it is just wonderful.   

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Congratulations, Lizbiz!  Where in the States are you moving to?


Oh, ithappened, I'm so sorry to hear about the financial worries.  We're incredibly tight too, and it's really hard to manage the "how do we afford X if we buy Y" conversations.  I've always been a saver, whereas my husband has always just used up his entire paycheck and then just ate beans (literally) until he got paid again.  That way of life is SO stressful to me, and so we've been really working to combine our strategies.  Thus far we haven't really been able to save anything, so adding a baby makes me worried.  And it's hard to talk finances since everyone always has so much emotional baggage tied to the way they handle money.  I hope your husband breaks out of his funk soon.

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I've always been a saver, whereas my husband has always just used up his entire paycheck and then just ate beans (literally) until he got paid again.


yeap sounds like us.. my husband can go pretty far into debt and not bat an eye where I need a healthy savings account or I go nuts :)

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Wow.  Sounds exactly like DH.  When I freaked out about credit card debt a year or so ago, he said, "This is what I'm used to.  When I don't have money, I put everything on credit cards and then I pay it off later when I do".  And we're talking thousands of dollars here, not like $200 here and there.  Argh!  I had to set up an automatic savings for both retirement and a money market and insisted that neither of them be touched for any reason whatsoever.  He understands and then does whatever he wants with his credit card and money.  He's not irresponsible, but he doesn't understand why if, say, the furnace breaks, it's a big deal to not have any real money to pay for it.  I totally freak out without a safety net.

Originally Posted by ithappened View Post

yeap sounds like us.. my husband can go pretty far into debt and not bat an eye where I need a healthy savings account or I go nuts :)

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I don't know if anyone else was planning on doing photo birth announcements, but this deal is too good not to share. If you're a Costco member, you can get 50 printed for 14.99 with envelopes. That is SO much cheaper than any of the online places (snapfish, tinyprints, shutterfly) which are .75 per card and up.

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