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Hiii...ive been kinda stalkn lol the forums.....im 23 and engaged and trying for a 3rd n final lol..... here are my syptoms...
lpm...may 18
ewcm2 days before o
4dpo i felt uterine contractions weird
5dp-9dpo slight achey body..achey abdomen..gas..bubbles...waves of nausea only at night and alittle cramps
7dpo-sharp pain on left side

Today i aint 10 dpo and im aching as im typing i never ache 2 weeks befo af. My left breast had a lil tingy sensation for a couple secs idky

Im soooooo lost now HELLLLLLLLLP
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Well, you can certainly try a test at this point, but know that it could very well be negative even if you are pregnant at this point.


I would wait at least until 14dpo and then test again.  Good luck.

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I'm personally waiting it out, since my cycles are so irregular, i'm waiting until my longest cycle (47 days) to even really consider the possibility. 

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