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What a cute way to announce your pregnancy, Mamabeakley!

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chica - that video is *adorable*, i love it!!!


mamabeakly - your FB announcement is so creative!! what a great idea!


afu re: announcements, we are going to wait a few more weeks.  even though im 15w now, i'm not ready to be "out" at work just yet (long story).  i've gotta hide the belly for at least this week and next.  after that, i'll tell my employer and am thinking of going public on FB with an ultrasound pic and a caption along the lines of "look what we are getting for christmas this year!" love.gif


violet - im sorry to hear your friend is struggling. i think the best thing you can do is be sensitive to that when you are discussing pregnancy stuff with her over the next few months (which it sounds like you already are).  it took us many, many years to have our first so i have lots of experience with conversations with pregnant friends that sting.  i think the worst thing was hearing them complain about pregnancy aches and pains - i would have given anything to trade places with them and it made me feel like they were so unappreciative of the gift they had.  also, just check in with her frequently and see how she's doing...she might need some space from your pregnancy, but it isn't personal, it's just self-preservation when dealing with infertility.

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Chica!! That video...OMGosh! PRECIOUS. I'm glad I wasn't the only one in tears. You guys did a really great job!

You guys are so funny about the pumpkin. I LOVE pumpkin....but only September - December. I must have a mental thing about pumpkin only being for fall. winky.gif When fall hits then it is all about pumpkin soup, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bars......


About announcing pregnancy to those who are struggling....I have been on the other side of that. When I had friends that got pregnant easily with no problem I felt resentful (initially) but my friends who had been struggling to get pregnant I WAS ecstatic for them. I think it gave me hope that if it could happen to them then it could happen to me. 


AFM, things have been super busy. I had a dear friend lose her DH to cancer a few days ago. It was so heart-breaking. It took him so quickly. They have two small children (2 year old and 8 months). It makes all the rest of the crap in life look so trivial. All of a sudden my life looks perfect. Three months ago they were making big plans for their future. I still can't really wrap my head around him being gone. Hug your babies extra tight and appreciate every day you have with your SO.


I am 14w and feeling baby move quite a bit the last few days. It's so nice. smile.gif

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Awesome aviatrix, chica!

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Hi mamas! Sorry this post is going to be a bit short, I need to run out, but I wanted to post the recipe you were asking for :)


The danish dough:

1/4 cup warm water
1/2 cup milk at room temp
1 large egg at room temp
2 1/4 cups white bread flour
1 package rapid rise yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup unsalted butter, cold, cut into slices (salted does work fine as well)


Beat egg, water and milk together, set aside. Put flour, yeast, salt and sugar into food processor and pulse to mix, add the cold slices of butter and process until the butter is cut up, empty into a bowl and add the milk mixture. Fold together, cover with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator overnight or up to 4 days.

To turn into pastry, let it get to room temp, roll into a rectangle

Fold into thirds turning it afterwards so that the closed fold is on your left. Roll out again to a rectangle and repeat the steps above 3 times.
Cut in half, cover and put in refrigerator for 30 minutes
Roll out pastry into a large square and cut into 9 equal squares
**I have found that no matter how 'messy' thing dough looks, it turns out delicious. Also, if you make it in the morning you can cheat and make your dough up later that same day.**


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Filling:

1 8oz pkg of cream cheese

1/3 cup sugar (I used turbinado but white is fine, as is brown in my humble opinion :) )

1 T vanilla

1/4 t salt

1 t cinnamon

1 t ginger

dash of nutmeg

dash of allspice

I add a dash of cayenne too, but totally optional :)

1/4 cup pumpkin puree

3 egg yolks or 2 eggs


mix the softened cream cheese and sugar until light and fluffy, add in eggs, spices, and vanilla and salt

put decent sized glob of filling in the center of the danish and fold two corners towards the middle


bake at 400 for 10-20 minutes. I know that is a wide range, but really a few minutes and your type of overn can make the difference between perfectly soft delicate pastries and ones that are a bit too browned (although still yummy!) The pastry will puff up a bit and get a soft golden color on top. I make a quick glaze with milk and organic confectioner's sugar that has a mapley taste, but feel free to top as you like.


Hope all is well!!

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Eeeeep! And Mamabeakley, that is just so cute I can barely stand it!!!

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Oh, I meant to explain why I did the announcement that way: my kids have cousins or siblings for all "model years" since 2003.  Sometimes 1, sometimes 5 (that was last year - FIVE of my sisters-in-law had babies in one year).  Nobody else was gearing up for the 2012 model, so that was part of why we started trying even though our lives are pretty much in chaos.  whistling.gif  (I'm the oldest of 3, DH is the oldest of 5 and then really of 8 because his parents raised three of his cousins after their parents died.  So there are 15 cousins total so far, not counting this baby, plus 2 who are cousins of cousins but live close by so have been part of family stuff all along!

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I need to jump on these threads early! 


Love the pregnancy announcements! We've told a few people: my mom, her sisters and my grams know. The people we hang out with here know. I told the Sister who was in head of my RCIA class because she was moved to another state so I wanted her to know (she was a real comfort to me during my miscarriage in October). But dh's parents don't know. He is not looking forward to telling them. When he finally tells them, I'm going to take a picture of me wearing a maternity teeshirt that says "Seriously this is the last one." We've been saying that since my second child LOL. I think humor will deflect a lot of the "hate" we might get.


Friends dealing with infertility. This is so tough. I've been dealing with this issue in terms of other's loss. I'm still pretty active with my April 2010 DDC and it's hard because you don't just leave if you have a miscarriage. I had such a hard time with my loss in October and other people getting pregnant right afterwards. And now I'm in the same position. I am trying hard to be sensitive without discounting my own joy...aka not feeling guilt that I'm pregnant. I think giving people space but letting them know that when they are ready you are always there is really important. 


I too am a pumpkin lover but I also reserve it for the fall. I think I burn out on it and then need a break:) By the time September rolls around I'm ready for the love affair to began anew:)


AFM: Good day to day! We went to a homeschool park day with our favorite group. We don't make it every week because it's an hour from where we live (it's a really awesome secular group). My baby boy turned 12 on Monday so he was happy to go celebrate with his friends. Baby girl was so excited to play outside. AND I FELT SKIPPY MOVE!!! I've never ever felt movement this early but it was totally baby movement. I was so shocked I stopped talking in mid-sentence and all the women were like "Whaa?" It was so cool:) 

Have a midwfie appointment on Thursday. Pretty routine stuff but I should be meeting with another midwife in the practice:) 

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Guess what? After playing nearly the entire season with no wins, my 10 year old daughter's softball team won their game tonight joy.gif We were soo happy, it was such a beautiful evening to be outdoors, and such a good game, and the girls all jumped in the wading pool in their uniforms after the game, they were so proud.   Just wanted to share.

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Sunseeker, I'm so happy for you all!  For two years my daughter's soccer team did not win a single game.  In fact, I think they didn't even score a goal until the very last game.  There were a lot of tears and ice cream dates for two falls in a row.  Last year she switched to cross country thumbsup.gif.

I just love everyone's announcements.  We've told family and close friends, but I'd like to do something fun for the FB crowd.  

I know the guilty feeling of telling someone about my pregnancy after they have had a loss.  My sister had an absolutely devastating 2nd trimester loss a few years ago (there is an explanation, it wasn't random) and my last pregnancy with DD2 was terribly difficult for her, and therefore me as well.  She lived with us for the 3rd trimester and the first few months after DD2 came along.  I don't blame her in the least bit, but I definitely detected some underlying resentment from time to time (I am younger, and she is single).  DH and I did our best to be as sensitive as possible to her feelings the whole way through.  We had a heart to heart before we even began trying to conceive to help to emotionally prepare her.  It breaks my heart to see her sad, and it felt like somewhat of a betrayal on my part.  For the most part, I'd say we have worked through the tough stuff since we're both very big on talking things out.  This time, she's living out of the country, so it has been easier on both of us.

I am feeling a wee bit of concern.  I'm now at 14w3d and since this is babe 3, I felt her/him move about a week ago a few times per day.  The last two days I have felt nothing.  It's hard to know if it's concerning at this point since the little bubs is so small and could have just moved into a different position, but all the same, I'm worried.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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esp831, the same thing has happened to me with movement. There was a week where I felt a lot of movement. Lately though it's just a tickle very few days if I'm lucky. I guess this is the trade off for feeling them early. Whenever we had am U/S last week the baby was so wiggly they could barely get a measurement but I wasn't feeling any of it. I've told myself that s/he just has more room to swim with all this stretching and growing (OMGosh, the round ligiment pain this time...ouch). In a few weeks they'll be keeping us up at night and jabbing our bladders, lol.
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Esp- I am having the same thing too. In fact the lack of movement coincided with being jumped on very heavily by my cat, and some painful pains! Had me freaked for a while... But at cieloazul said, I think this may just be what happens so early on.


I had such a gross day today.... Had 3 hours sleep last night.... urghhh dying right now of sleep debt! And its not good sleep either! Its painful hips, back, pelvis, thighs, legs and swollen feet kinda sleep. I woke up this morning and cried to DH. Then I have spent the rest of the day in bed... I just have terrible insomnia that I am hoping to beat tonight!! Please please please let me beat it tonight! Going to bed at 12 and not sleeping until 5 AM is just not feasible!


One a good note, DH found a female Chiropractor who I will have my first appt with tomorrow morning. I am planning on laying there sobbing until she fixes every part of my body! Then I have an appt with the midwife, and I am hoping she will use the doppler to find Albi's heartbeat, seeing as he seems to have gone AWOL after the cat jump on me and I had some pains.....

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Originally Posted by esp831 View Post

I am feeling a wee bit of concern.  I'm now at 14w3d and since this is babe 3, I felt her/him move about a week ago a few times per day.  The last two days I have felt nothing.  It's hard to know if it's concerning at this point since the little bubs is so small and could have just moved into a different position, but all the same, I'm worried.  Has this happened to anyone else?

This happened to me last time. I felt him several times in week 13 and then not really again until week 15 and then it stayed consistent for the rest of the pregnancy.

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mamabeakley: adorable!


darkblue - thanks for the recipes :) Hopefully I can clear some of these allergies with my accupuncpurist & eat some of that!


re: infertility issues: trying to get pregnant this time was tough - it took a year (which I know is nothing compared to some people's journeys!), and I had begun to think that because of my 'advanced' age I might not be able to get pg anymore - I usually just have to tap my heels three times, wish for a baby, and have a male in the same room. Anyway, watching friends get pg during that time was bittersweet, so happy for them but sad for me, as I wondered if would get to hold the last baby I was longing for. Being sensitive to this balance is so key!


AFM, today is Ds3's 6th birthday :) He wanted a yellow dragon cake - fortunately my DSW is good at making those kinds of things, I can bake up a storm & even have some decent cake decorating skills, but cutting up cake & shaping it into animals, not my thing. We are taking a couple of his friends to the skating rink for scooter riding & bouncy houses, then back home for cake & presents. He was born at 2:15pm, so I will make sure I grab him off the skating floor right at that time & thank him for being born - it's what I do with all of my boys, who thankfully were born at decent hours (9am, 9pm, 2pm), so I'm not dragging myself & them out of bed in the middle of the night lol.

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My 1st appt is finally next monday. Still haven't told anyone need to soon my sister is coming friday and I am starting to show not sure I can hide it much longer.


We finished our veggies and got 5 more chickens :)

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Pumpkin - I love it, but fresh - definitely a fall food for me.  Peaches are what I've been getting every time I go to the grocery - a peach a day just about.


We still haven't made any sweeping announcements - I've told a few friends, primarily because I needed midwife suggestions or because they were starting to wonder why I was passing on a glass of wine yet again.  I think we're going to wait for one more midwife appt - I'll be about 13 wks then - and then tell the kids.  We'll probably start telling more friends after that, too.  No big facebook announcements though - I still want to keep it pretty low key as far as the grandparents and other relatives go, for as long as possible!


As far as clothes go, I've been visiting the thrift store about once a week and found a few nice longer tops and tank tops this last time to cover my tummy and to layer under warmer/shorter tops.  Dressing right now is tricky because I still fit in a lot of my stuff, but they really accentuate my belly - which will be fine once it's out in the open, but for now I'm still trying to wear all my loosest dresses - all four of them;)  I'm lucky in that I have my own dress shop and so when I'm feeling really desperate for something new, I can pull one off the rack - not great for my finances, but sometimes necessary!


I just wish it would get sunny - it's been raining almost every day here for over a month.

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blush.gifjoy.giflove.gif WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!! 

It was so strange and amazing and absolutely bizarre that I cried!!!!

I couldn't be any happier!! Bub sounds strong! And was kicking up a storm (I couldn't feel them). Midwife was sitting beside me all smiles, and DH was massaging my feet as we heard her/his heartbeat for the first time!!!! It was SO PERFECT!!!!! EXACTLY HOW I WANTED IT TO BE!!! How can anyone beat a home birth?!?!?!?! 

Then we spent the rest of the appointment drinking tea and discussing how my past is/may/will/could affect our pregnancy and birth experience!

It was so relaxed and brilliant!!! I gave Midwife a big kiss and cuddle at the end!!


Also visited Chiropractor this morning wh diagnosed me with a "Sprained Pelvis"- no wonder I have been in pain! I have to go back 3 times a week for the next month ish. phew! 


Sorry to ramble on! Just very excited!


CONGRATS Sunseekers daughter!!! And Happy Birthday to SegoLillys son!!!!


Im going off to sit on the couch and smile!! (Sorry for such a self absorbed post lol)

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Oh also ChicaJones your video inspired me to start my first ever knitting project! A little hat for baby! :)

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Travelmumma and nhklh, so happy to hear that you had such great sessions with your birthing assistants!!! I'm still working out who I am going to use.


AFM, I JUST SLEPT ALMOST 8 HOURS.....sleep, sweet sleep!!!! I of course had to get up to pee 2 or 3 times but then I fell right back to sleep. Oh how I love the second trimester! orngbiggrin.gif

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