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Travelmumma-Congrats mama!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif I am SOOO happy that you has what seems like the perfect appointment. And poor mama about the sprained pelvis :( Get well soon!

Sunseeker-Congrats on your daughter's big win!

Kel-I hear you on fresh pumpkin, I freeze and can it in the fall so I have it year round, and oooh my goodness I hear you with peaches :) DH grills them and I am in love eat.gif

lovemyzoo-Good luck telling your friends and family mama!

nhklh-I am sooo glad you had a great appointment! joy.gifI am so glad you found a birth worker you are comfortable with! And congrats on hearing the heartbeat mama!!

tropicana-WOOT! Awesome resting mama, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous, lol sleepytime.gif Sleep is scarce here although getting better. I think it's partly because DH is so enthralled with the um *changes* my body is going through, lol...I wake up and he's all rubby and spoony, and yada, yah lol duh.gif 


AFM-we are gearing up for a Princess Festival next week and Father's Day, we got DH a smoker (he has a cold smoker that he made but I know he is going to be soooo jazzed when he sees the new smoker) and a friend of ours caught some beautiful salmon in Copper River for him to smoke. So this weekend should be fun :)

I hope all is well with you mamas!!

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Yay on the awesome appointments! I still remember hearing my first baby's heartbeat. It is wonderful and bizarre all at the same time:)


We ended up with another ultrasound since we couldn't find Skippy's heartbeat...which ended up being because he was moving around so much:) It was pretty awesome because H finally got to see the baby. He was very moved. It's always amazing to me how fast development happens. This time there was very clearly defined legs and feet (moving a mile a minute of course). Got some crap about my weight but honestly I always do so I just kind of nod politely. I really do hate though that providers assume that because you're overweight that you don't exercise. sigh. But other than that I liked this midwife a lot too. And I got to talk to her about volunteering opportunities since I'm hoping to switch careers and become an RN and eventually a CNM. 


And I got a night out! Whoot! I was out until one which is way too late for me in my old age. But I had a really good time with a bunch of other mom and some really yummy vegetarian food.

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SO great to hear about everyone's positive appointments & developments! The second trimester is SO wonderful on so many levels - developmental firsts, renewed energy, and (hopefully for everyone!) less/no nausea!


My friend that I mentioned had to be induced today, at 29w4d. they could not get her blood pressure/preclampsia under control :( Her little Rowan was 3lb 1oz. He is in the NICU, of course, but the only update so far is that he was kicking & screaming & doing great! It will be a long journey before they get home. My SS was 3lb10oz, born at 32 weeks, and it was SUCH a hard experience in so many ways. I'm reminded of how great he is today, and just hope for the best for this one.


AFM, Rowan's birth has me a bit introspective. For the first time since my 1st pregnancy (which was way back in the 90's lol!) I have a ticker tape of 'what could go wrong' running through my head about this baby. I can feel him/her now ocassionally, so that is keeping me optimistic, but I have not yet had an appt to hear the heartbeat & find I am longing for it. I should be seeing my MW next week, but it's a bit up in the air as she has 3 mamas due right now (1 is 2 weeks over, 1 1 week over, and 1 now due). Crossing my fingers I can get in there & see her. Otherwise I may just go see another MW friend just for the sanity check of hearing that little wooshing sound!

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Oh SegoLilly- I am glad to hear that Rowan is such a little fighter.

My thoughts are with you all, and I hope that Mumma is coping ok????

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Also anyone still really sick?

Yesterday i vomited up blood :( ended up in emergency... turns out i burst blood vessels from effort in vomiting :( blaghhhhh

On  a funny note- I felt some wiggling yesterday while in hospital... lol a nurse walked past as i had my hand down my pants with a smug/satisfied look on my face.... LOL bet she was thinking "What the hell is that woman doing masturbating in hospital!!"

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Segolilymama, sending loads of light and strength to your friend and little Rowan. I know some very big, healthy kids who started out teeny-tiny.

Travelmumma, sorry you're still feeling sick. That's no fun at all. Too funny about the nurse!
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Segolilymama, my cousin started off at I think 2lbs. Same thing...prepreclampsia and he's now a super tall, healthy 15  year old. And we had such an inspiring but scary story in my last DDC with a woman whose had no amonitic fluid around one twin. She had the both at I think 25 weeks, and they were both like 1lb. One was supposed to have already been dead. While they are two year old healthy toddlers! We were all so scared and sad for her so it was wonderful to see them do so well even though it was really tough in the beginning. I remember too being very scared through my last pregnancy though...it just makes you realize how much can go wrong but often doesn't.


Travelmama...so sorry you're still sick:( I still have waves but it's ebbing. LOL about then nurse. So hilarious! 

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Just stopping by super quick.  Will come back later to catch up!  I was on a quick 'vacation' escape this past week.  Have some funny stories from it, but DH actually kept me pretty well fed so I only got sick a couple of times.  One time was cleaning up after DD's getting sick....couldn't handle the smell yuck!


But mostly had been feeling OK, until DH bought taco bell this afternoon (bad idea).  I ate something with red sauce and puked once and am still feeling sick.  We just got back and I didn't have much food in the house and was tired enough I didn't get out to shop yet.


Should be 12 weeks tomorrow, my mom was coming to visit so I got to tell her in person.  She was actually VERY excited.  Which was great.  I was a little concerned she might be a little bit more worried, but she seemed pretty thrilled with having another grandchild.  


I can't believe I'm nearly this far now and it's still not feeling real, next week have my first appt, hopefully that goes well and things feel real!

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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post


I can't believe I'm nearly this far now and it's still not feeling real, next week have my first appt, hopefully that goes well and things feel real!

You are not alone on that one. I will be 15 weeks on Monday and I still look in the mirror and think "I can't believe we are doing this again". Not like it is a bad thing, just that my mind was so far away from having more babies. I thought it would seem more real after I heard the heartbeat too! In a turn of events they ended up doing an u/s and I saw "her" wiggling around in there, putting her little hands up to her face. It was cute but I still just felt strange. Her little kicks are getting stronger so it seems a little bit more believable. 


My aunt has been teasing me that I won't believe it until I am holding her....she may be right!!

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So glad others are feeling like its not real! I cried to DH last night because I just don't think it can be real!!!!
I seem to be bloating at the top of my bump which makes me look huge... This normal???
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Yes, travelmumma.  Normal.  I, for example, on my 4th baby, look like I am about 6 months pg by the end of the day.  I'm not kidding.  I nicely fill out maternity blouses.  And while I am a little heavier than I have been other pregnancies (not a lot, just like 5 lbs or so) I feel like a ruminant who has to digest for several days to clear out the stomach.  eyesroll.gif  I am noticeably smaller first thing in the morning!

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Agreed - the bloating is totally normal - I look about 5 months pg by the end of the day. Little bump, lots of bloating.


Christy & TravelMumma - sorry you are both still feeling sick :( I'm so happy to be past it.

BUT - I had a MAJOR allergic reaction to something yesterday - I am already on such a limited diet with the allergies I have developed, I had a total breakdown & cried. I called my MW to ask about taking Benadryl (I don;t normally take ANYTHING while pg except vitamins), and she said it was fine to do, so long as it isn't something I'm having to take all the time. It was just so upsetting to find something else I couldn't eat (looks like it was the butternut squash), plus having the hives & all is always uncomfortable, and thinking I may have to go to the eR to handle it just pushed me over the edge!


My friend with the premie is doing well, as best as I can tell from Facebook updates! I did find out they did a c-section, not an induction - they were too worried about her blood pressure to even let her labor :(. So she's in the hospital couple more days, poor thing!

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redface.gif Also I started the Spotlight thread, and its my turn to be spotlighted, but would staring that thread look so self absorbed?? blush.gif

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travelmumma -- how about if someone else starts it for you? winky.gif

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Segolily-glad to hear your friend and her babe are doing well, I hope she recovers quickly from the c/s

Travelmumma-I am sorry you aren't well, it's not haha funny, but strange b/c I vomited up blood too and went ot the hospital because I was freaking out only to find I had ruptured vessels in my esophagus whilst tossing my cookies :( and LOL about the nurse. You exhibitionist you! winky.gif

phatchristy-I am glad your mom was excited for you!!

tropicana-I am totally with you on this not seeming real at times. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I am blown away, I mean I am excited beyond the telling, yet it still seems sooooo early, I cannot explain how much I am looking forward to reaching the viability milestone...I feel like I am holding my breath to get there.

mamabeakley &travelmumma- I've been bloating on top as well and thus looking quite pregnant. Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet and putting away the things I just cannot fit  in anymore lest I continue feel like I am a sausage stuffed in too small of a casing when I try to wear them. I love being pregnant but I feel like I am in such an in between spot. In the morning I feel so small that I worry I am not pregnant and by the end of the day I feel certain there must be twins in there, lol


I hope all is well mamas!!

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GOOD NEWS!!! My midwifery referral was approved!!! We fully expected the military insurance would deny it and we'd have to switch to a different plan that would cost us out-of-pocket. This is such a huge relief, *sigh*. And I found a kids resale store here in our new area. This UK baby will need a lot warmer clothes than DS did in Southern California! I'm waiting to purchase baby things until I've had a chance to inventory what I already have, but I did score a pair of maternity leggings. This bump is Really starting to make itself known. You know you've got a bump when you start running into things with it. Pre-pregnancy depth perception is no use now, lol.

Hope everyone is making it through the week ok. It's almost the weekend!
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great news Cieloazul!


I am SO glad that I am not the only one who gets bigger as the day goes on. I was starting to think I was crazy. I have a tiny bump in the morning and by the end of the day I look like I am at least a month further along than I am. I had a late lunch with a friend on Saturday who is 19 weeks pregnant and my bump was almost as big as hers.  At any rate, I am definitely starting to look pregnant and not just chubby in the stomach.


I gave in and bought a pair of maternity jeans this week after putting them on and feeling comfortable in jeans for the first time in 2 weeks.


The last few weeks has been non-stop socializing for me and my partner. We have had a house guest, plus I have had several dinners or lunches with friends and a barbeque at the house for several people. I am feeling exhausted by it and really craving a night in curled up with a book. I really need to get better at saying no to all this, which sounds terrible but I just over do it and end up cranky.

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