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yeah I figure if you feel hiccups way down low, that must mean that the chest is way down there- you're not going to feel hiccups in the feet!
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NO hiccups, I mean, yes I have felt them before but not while baby was in this position. She's been rather quiet, I guess because she has turned, I can't really feel her anymore. There's no more 'show' like arms and knees along my belly, just punches. Weird. I will do some inversions from now on. I know there's plenty of time left and both my other kids were always head down, so I guess it's too early to worry about a breech or transverse presentation.

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Oh man, I just took my kids to a carnival. We walked around for just under 5 hours. Every inch of my body is angry with me. My feet are super swollen and are throbbing in pain. My pelvis and pubic bone? Forget about it. My entire lower body is now on strike and will no longer function.  


Now if only DH would get home from the dog park so he can go get me ice cream and then rub my aching feet for a while. nod.gif I totally deserve it.

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That sounds exhausting. Hope your hubby comes home soon to help you out.


My Saturday was busy too, been going all day, groceries, cleanup, cooking for MIL/FIL etc...I'm about to crash on the couch.

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I was wondering. Do you give your older gifts presents or something once the baby is there? We didn't give DS anything when DD was born (maybe a balloon or so) but he was still little and didn't understand.

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Ever since I told DS that I had a baby in me, he said he had a baby in him too, a baby robot named Johnny, so I have been thinking about finding a plush robot to give him when the baby gets here.
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Madimamacita, getting him a plush robot is SUCH a cute idea.  It reminds me of those dolls you can buy on Etsy where they take a drawing that your child has done (of a person, a monster, a robot, whatever) and make it into a cloth doll to look just like the drawing. 

We went for a swim in the lake last night, it was so refreshing.  I guess that's where you'll find me this summer!  Was very dizzy getting out of the water though, I'm finding it tough to eat enough when it's so hot - then finding myself feeling weak or a little dizzy.  Anyone else finding this?

Then it was so hot last night that I got up at midnight to get wet wash clothes for DH and myself, I pulled my shirt up to my chest and slept with that washcloth draped over my belly or side (depending on position) all night.  And still woke up for the day at 5:50am, with swollen fingers and toes, too hot to go back to sleep.  I'm a little freaked out because it's only JUNE.  Trying to eat a ton of protein and drink my pregnancy tea to keep the swelling to a minimum.


Hypnobirthing class in an hour and a half! I'm not sure what to expect but looking forward to it.


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Well, I shot a wedding today.  YAY!!!  i love weddings and happy events.  This was a very boisterous crowd.  Everyone was very friendly and joyful.  2 drawbacks: they were smokers  :(  and i wish i could have cloned myself.  -note, next time, spring for the assistant.-

I made sure to drink plenty of water and i brought some healthy snack bars (mostly nuts and fruit and honey).  I'm a bit sore now, but we'll see in a day or so.  

I wish I could shoot more births, less running around.  LOL


that's all on my front atm.  :)

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MissE - Thanks for the kind words about the VBAC consult. I think CFM is pretty standard for hospital VBAC, too -- but I'll still bring it up with my doctor. I figure I can always spend some time in the bathroom.
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I'm finding it tough to eat enough when it's so hot - then finding myself feeling weak or a little dizzy.  Anyone else finding this?

Hypnobirthing class in an hour and a half! I'm not sure what to expect but looking forward to it.
My goal was not to run the AC until June, and we've only had it one maybe 24 hours since then, but every once in a while I've thought I was okay with the heat, then realized that I wasn't eating. So, me, too.

Madimamacita - Too sweet about the baby robot. If someone asks DD where the baby is, sometimes she'll point to my belly, but mostly, she lifts up her shirt and points to her own.

I made DH a video card on youtube for Father's Day: http://youtu.be/l8vAfwNS5Bo. He liked it, but the first thing he said to me was "Where did you get this midi file?" (We have the album, but I couldn't get the track to go on movie maker, because it was contrary.) I'm not sure what else we'll do today. DD slept until 8! so that was a nice present, and now she's singing to herself in her crib and DH is reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth luxlove.gif

Better go start the day!
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Can I join in? I went to L&D last night...why not..I have done it in every pregnancy anywhere from 23 to 27 weeks. I don't know what happened but I woke up at 1am with contractions and I was ready to pass out, throw up all over myself and cry. I was laying on the bathroom floor, butt up in the air cause it felt good. DH put pants on me (what a trouper) and called 911 and his mom to watch the kids. Off we went and they did a quick rehydration drip on me which seemed to do the trick,. 3hrs after we were sent back home. Baby was doing good, contractions went away once they had started the IV. Man...I drank SO MUCH water last night. DH looked at the half empfy gallon of water and said "How can you get dehyrdated when you drink this?". I have no idea, I guess my body was signaling to drink more. We were so darn busy yesterday, I think I just overdid it and got dehydrated. No more hospital for the next 13 weeks for me.

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Evi, that sounds like a scary night! What a relief that everything was okay and you're feeling better. And a gold star for dad. :)


Madi, the robot is an adorable idea. So cute.


Miranda, I feel your pain on the night heat issue. I've lowered the A/C and started keeping the fan on.. our energy bills are going to be a bit gross, I know (luckily we're on a budget plan so we won't feel it all at once), but I just can't take it. I had an awful, awful nightmare the other night--like being stalked by a killer nightmare--and that'll teach me to watch crime shows before bed, but also I'm pretty sure that overheating had something to do with it.


Meanwhile, I've been banned from sleeping on my side, apparently? Within two minutes of me turning to either side, whether it's at the beginning of the night or in the middle of it, she turns into a complete spaz. Kicks and punches like crazy. This is with a pillow between my legs, or with a leg bent up and supported by a pillow. I was so desperate for a comfortable sleeping position last night that I decided I was just going to lay mostly on my stomach, figuring I'd get a minute of relaxation before she started up, and I actually get fewer complaints that way. I'm still sleeping on my back for most of the night at this point, but I've always been the type to start out face-down and then flip over. So weird- I've been trying to side sleep, which I don't like, because it would seem like me on my stomach would be more uncomfortable, but.. I'll take it. Who knows.


Father's Day was a success.. took dad-to-be out to brunch so I could appreciate him while someone else cooked and cleaned. ;)

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Hey girls! (: Checking in... 


This past week has been going soooo slowly for me. Still suffering from the baby's father disapearing... Trying to figure out whether or not to ask him to sign off our son to me 100%... It's hard... Also, I always thought of Nico coming at "the end of summer" which seemed so far away... then I looked at my calendar this morning... IT'S THE MIDDLE OF JUNE! Summer is waaay past starting... Our newborns are going to be here in NO time. I'm stoked. 


(: I'm still updating every week on www.rememberbaby.wordpress.com if interested!!!



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@anya: I quoted your post in the new weekly thread.

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