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mothers intuitive

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So this is going to sound odd - but, I have this uncanny/neat/slightly disturbing ability to intuit when someone I know is going to have a baby or pass away. I knew 3 days before my adopted grandmother died, I knew 4 days before a dear friend of mine passed, and I've also known about 3 or 4 times that my friends were having babies, well before they knew or told anyone.


With that said, I had a dream that I delivered a set of healthy twins. Well, I just returned from the Dr's office and they were doing my scan to check dates, and I'm measuring a bit behind (which is fine considering that we caught the 2nd PP cycle - the Dr isn't concerned at all). Turns out there are 2 sacs and we found 1 baby with a great heartbeat of 120! We couldn't find another baby. The Dr is wondering if it will be vanishing twin - that's what he's leaning towards. I personally think that the baby is there, just perhaps a day or two behind the other one, which if it's fraternal twins would make sense (my father personally thinks that's the case - he's a Dr.)


So I told my DH that I had that dream of having twins and he said, "Oh no!" Meaning my dreams tend to become reality.


Has anyone had something similar happen where there were twins, and you couldn't find one at first but then did deliver two healthy babies?


Any thoughts are welcome. I am due for another scan at 2 weeks to see if the other sac has indeed dissolved or if there is another babe in there.


My jaw is dropping! yikes2.gif

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That is so cool!!! Congrats! :D I hope your other twin becomes visible very soon. :)

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Thanks. I'm cautiously optimistic. We shall see. How are you feeling?

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Oh wow! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the other one catches up!

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I'm doing ok. I talked to my dad the other day and it REALLY helped to talk to someone else who understands what it feels like to KNOW you're at death's door and something needs to happen very quickly. The miscarriage still hasn't quite hit me, yet. 

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Get out of town! How neat to be so in touch with the subtle things around you. 

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Yea it's pretty neat. I do appreciate the ability, mostly for the positive things :-)

HarperRose - so glad you spoke with your dad.

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