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Mamas in Delray Beach, Boca??

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Any folks in Delray Beach/Boca/Boynton area? We are going to be staying in Delray Beach for a month, coming down next week from Minneapolis, and would love to get together with other mamas and kids for a playdate.  I've got a 10 year old daughter and nearly-2 year old son, open to beach dates, museums, playgrounds, anything.


Anyone interested? Come play!

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Just thought I'd bump your post up for attention. :)

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Thanks for the bump :) We are here in Delray Beach until July 17, and my 10 year old is already asking if anyone has responded to my post on Mothering! She'd love to hang out with a new friend. Anyone around? Meet us for a swim at the beach? We'll drive to meet you. smile.gif

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