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Green Poop and other poopcapades.

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My son is exclusively breastfed. His poop has always been green and a little mucousy. I've heard and tried everything but because he is a healthy weight and healthy well everything his doctor is not concerned. I am not either but recently he started wanting to eat my food so I tried some organic brown rice cereal with breast milk and his poop was still green but it had some blood in it. I took him to the doctor and they told me he might have a little cut, and showed me where it is irritated. Well fine I put healing ointment on it and its gone and when ever I try any type of solid food this happens. Its not a lot at all but its making me worried that his green poop is a sign of a digestive issue and that solids are irritating it further. The blood is always mucousy it looks a lot like bloody discharge. Its never a lot at the most the size of a nickle. and the least I have to DIG to see it. I am just worried he has a digestive issue that we are ignoring and I don;t want it to escalate and do real damage before we take is seriously. Has anyone else had the green poop?? Or blood in their baby's poop?
I am thinking maybe the brown rice is a little too much fiber for his system. He 6.5 months. IS there a better first food I should try? This is my doctors reccomendation. He doesnt have teeth yet.
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Do you take iron? Green poop is a common reaction to mama's iron supplements if there are no other problems indicated.


It can also be a sign of hindmilk-foremilk imbalance but that is probably rarer.

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I wouldn't have him on solids with no teeth or at the very least skip the rice all together. Do smushed banana and avacado things like that.


What would /i do if I were you? Eliminate dairy right away....sounds exactly like a dairy intolerance....

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Green poop in bf baby is always (I have not read anything different) an indicator of either food sensitivies (foods that mom is eating) or hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. I've experienced both of the above w/ different babies. I fixed them both. Sounds like food sensitvites and damaged gut esp w/ the blood. I would stop the grains and wait until at least 1 yr (more like 2 yrs really) to reintroduce them. And I would try an elimination diet for at least 6 weeks for yourself (eliminate dairy...even traces in additives, wheat, soy, etc).


This article may be helpful too:



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The poop would be frothy if it was an imbalance.

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Originally Posted by sosurreal09 View Post

The poop would be frothy if it was an imbalance.


Hmmmm...I haven't heard of that...actually the opposite. Maybe it depends on the baby. My 2nd baby who had food allergies had green frothy poops. I have oversupply this time and baby gets just green poops if I'm not careful about when I switch sides. No food allergies this time because I'm already avoiding everything allergenic.

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Green , mucous-y poops that are accompanied by lots of LOUD GAS - are usually the hallmark for fore/hindmilk imbalance. Its possible that the blood when eating solids is not related to the green poop - its perfectly OK to skip grains for a year or two! 


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