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after bath


after bath, 2008

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orange dada and boyo


my guys like orange

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boys with ears.JPG


I wish you could see the ears on Daddy's hood - but mostly that's the look of enchantment my son always gives his dad

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The fascination on their faces was soon replaced by horrified tears - for all - as the cocoon revealed a nonliving critter with invisible yet painful rash-inducing hairs!

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My husband taking our son to the bathroom by practicing elimination communication. "Better than changing diapers", he says.

My husband engaging in a little elimination communication with our then 4 and a half month old son. "Better than changing diapers", he says.

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Reading time with daddy. Is there anything better?

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Daddy and son bonding over "big tractors." This made both of their days!527704_4176133967527_452290624_n.jpg

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Four Generations! :D

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Four generations! :D

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Our little Arrow was short on hair so her daddy was helping her out. Beard toupee!



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This is my DH with our oldest and middle boys the day after we broke the younger one out of NICU. 

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5.jpgSunset in Maine with our 3 year old.

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6.jpgHiking in Acadia with our 1 year old in tow.

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8.jpgTeaching our daughter how to bake.  

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Dad and son, so serious together! ;)


dad and john..jpg

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Aaaand, a little more casual, two years later (just this past April)...


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