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anyone else have some spotting after bm?

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I was away with my dd at a Girl Scout encamporee all weekend, and let's just say I was anything but regular while there. After two days of not having a bm, I tried to go today and after straining, I noticed some blood with mucous when I wiped. I called my dh in and he was like "I don't see anything" but he suggested I call the midwife, just in case. I did, and she said it didn't sound bad, since I wasn't cramping and it was only when I wiped. I have a tiny bit of brown (old) blood now, but no more red. The midwive said it sounded like I was straining and because the cervix has so much more blood flow right now, it is easy to pop a blood vessel or otherwise irritate my cervix. I am curious if anyone else has had this? I have my first u/s in a week, and I am dying to know all is ok. I am glad that she wasn't concerned, but I can't stop worrying.



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i haven't personally had it after a bm, but i've heard of it on many pregnancy forums. also i had spotting after throwing up and when i talked to my doc she listed a lot of things that can strain the cervix and cause mild spotting and she listed bm as one of them. i know any spotting is scary. hugs to you.

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Yep. It's happened a couple if times when I had a BM while really constipated. Lovely, and scary too. I've heard the same as mamadiamond about the cervix being irritated by it. When it's happened to me, it was pink blood and the tiniest streak of it. If it were red, heavy, or accompanied by cramps I'd worry more. Still, I wouldn't hesitate to call the midwife if you are ever concerned.
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Thanks. I still have some brown spotting, but it is tapering off. I just get really paranoid, for a few reasons. One, since this was a totally unplanned pregnancy, if I were to miscarry, there would be no trying for another one, dh is very clear about this. I am totally excited about three kids now, so I would be devastated. The other reason is that with my first pregnancy, I had bleeding throughout the pregnancy, which was initially diagnosed as a subchorionic hemorraghe. The hemorraghe progressed to a partial placental abruption and I spent 16 days in the hospital at 34 weeks, fighting with the ob/gyns to not perform a c-section before they finally let me go home on partial bedrest. Dd was born on her due date, and I learned soooo much about fighting the medical establishment. Mainly, I learned that it is a vortex and the mom has very little agency. If I wasn't as vocal as I was, dd would have been born so small. I don't want to go that route again, if I can avoid it!


So, I am going to try and not stress too much at this point, but I am going to be a nervous wreck until I can finally see this baby on the ultrasound. 

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