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Does anyone have or is planning to get a carrier for the water?

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We are members at a pool and I'm considering getting a water wrap or sling. Does anyone have one? Right now since I can't go in the  pool, I am just watching the kids in the water, but once I can go in, I'd like to and would like to help my two older kids in the water too.  I feel much more secure with a wrap for a newborn than a sling so I had been leaning toward that, but I also feel like a sling would be easier for next summer when the baby is older. I'm thinking maybe this year my dh can come along or stay home with the baby while I go to the pool with the older ones and I may not need a water carrier as much this year, but next year when Emma is 1, I could see taking her in a lot with the older two.  Anyone have a similar issue?  I've been looking at the Gypsy Mama Water wrap or the babyette water wraps or slings.  Any opinions on either a wrap vs. a sling or in specific brands?  

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I just started thinking about this... I will alternate going to the pool this year with DH, but really I need to get into the pool with my 2.5 year old. Unless I can find the time to do the super intensive ISR classes with him .. but that conflicts with my work schedule a bit as it is...


this is a long way of saying, maybe :)

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Boy, this is a timely post. We just got a swim diaper yesterday.


I'm leaning toward something like this: 


It's Moby-like and we've been doing really well with the Moby.

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I'm sort of in the same place. Right now, I have no intention of going in the water on my own with two toddlers and an infant- I just can't see any way for that to be safe. I'd rather my husband come with me to wrangle kids and I supervise from the shallows, if I go in at all.


But next year... I'd like to get in with everyone, and a carrier would be great for that. I like the idea of a wrap, but wrapping squirmy toddlers is remarkably more difficult. I think a sling would be a better bet for an older child. I've seen some that are more of a structure carrier as well, and although they're the dangling by the crotch kind- I'm not so worried about it if the baby is in the water most of the time.


Of course, next year I could still just make my husband come with me and not invest in anything for a water sling, because the baby would want to play in the water anyway.


Heck, I don't know. I really suck at decisions.

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I have a solarveil ring sling- don't think it's any brand, though. I liked it a lot with my older son. I'd probably want one of the wraps if I was going to use it now with DS2, but a sling is the way to go with older (he was 6 months old before his first summer)

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When Poppy was 1, she was "swimming" in a puddle jumper.  I never let her out of arm's reach, of course, but it was great to be able to get in the water with my almost 3-year old knowing my just-turned-1 year old was safe but I still had my hands free.


I do think a sling would be good for this year, though!

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What is a puddle jumper? I've only heard of that term for airplanes....

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A puddle jumper is a life vest/floatie block suit thing for the pool.. DS2 (he is 4) has one and "swims" at our neighborhood pool with it on while I sit under an umbrella with the baby. DH comes with us ~ I'm not ready to get in the pool yet! I just ordered a SBP ring sling & I am thinking about ordering a water mesh one from her too. They have a bunch of colors & look comfy... But I agree that a wrap for a newborn seems more secure...but I'd get more use long term from a water sling.... So I guess I am still undecided about the water carrier :-)
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I've been thinking about this since before Layla was born.  I still haven't made a decision though.  lol  I really want a mei tai style one, made of jersey mesh (like what sports jerseys are made of).  But so far that doesn't exist.  I don't know if it doesn't exist because it wouldn't work well or what.  I'll probably end up getting one of these if I can't get a mei tai: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TexasMommaDi?ref=seller_info

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I have a water wrap carrier.  I haven't ventured far into water yet with babe, but walk in the shallows and he sleeps while I keep an eye on 2.5 year old...DH is there as well.  I love it.  It is light weight and I use it in the hot weather too, it seems to breathe much more than the moby, though isn't quite as soft.  It is like a jersey type mesh.  Not sure how well it will do next summer, may need to look into a sling then.

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I have a RS and w DS pretty exclusively used it for showering. I used it a few times in a pool, but by that point he was older (over 6 mos). I wouldnt want to deal w a wet wrap personally. Also using a woven wrap is not the same as using a stretchy, they are less forgiving. I'm happy w my RS and wouldnt even bother w a wrap.
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Cristeen, what ring sling do you have?  Do you find them slippery?  I'm now leaning towards not even bothering with one for this year.  Dd is just so little and I'd want a wrap for her now, but don't think I'd like a wrap when she's older.  Plus, she really only likes to be in a wrap when she's sleeping and I don't think she'll be able to sleep if she's getting wet.  So far dh has come to the pool with us and held her if I'm with the older two or he's kept her at home and practiced giving her a bottle (which is NOT going well!). THe times I've had all three at the pool, I've just sat with her while the older kids went in the pool by themselves with a bubble around them in the shallow end. So I think I'll look for a ring sling for next summer.  

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I have a Taylormade (sp?), its definitely not slippery, but it does stretch just a touch when it first gets wet, so I often had to adjust right away. Another reason I wouldn't want a wrap.
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