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Have you had vaccinations as a teen or adult and did you have a reaction with any?

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Have you had vaccinations as a teen or adult and did you have a reaction with any?  Would you say it was mild, moderate or severe…and do you know it was caused by vaccines or just suspect it was.  Any long term ramifications?


As all disclaimers these days, lets keep it civil.  I am not sure how anyone can argue with someone else's experience anyways wink1.gif



I have had two vaccines that I remember.  One was when I was about 16, and one was about 5 years ago.


The one I had at 16 was MMR.  I had a what I would term a moderate reaction - I had the shot at school, passed out (probably not from the MMR - but from the fact I was bad with needles) and spent the rest of the afternoon hallucinating.  I thought I was a bug on the wall in math class, and I felt nauseous and very tired.  Many kids went home that day - there were lots of us vaccinated and lots of us felt sick.  I did not have any long term ramifications as far as I know. 


I had  Td about 5 years ago.  I had no reaction at all. 

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I had a reaction to a typhoid or yellow fever vax when I was 19, in preparation for field work abroad for the summer. A couple of hours later, it made my chest and upper back tighten so that I had difficulty breathing, so I went to the ER. I was given an antihistamine and monitored, and I remember them saying that 1 in 12 people have a reaction like that??? No clue where they got that stat.

No long term ramifications that I know of.
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I had BCG as a teen and after experienced years of throat inflammations. I learned from Hilary Butler (on this board) that this was a known adverse effect of BCG. I also had an adverse reaction to typhoid when I was in my early 20s, for travel to SE Asia. I came home from the clinic and felt so terrible I thought I was dying. I collapsed on the floor and could not move for the rest of the day. I felt better the next day.

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I got the MMR at age 21.  I have also had the Td and the Tdap as an adult. I couple of years I have gotten the flu vax.  Other than some mild soreness at the injection site, I have never had a reaction.

DH is a volunteer firefighter/EMT in our community.  He had to get caught up on vaxes where the schedule had changed since we were kids, such as the MMR and Tdap, He also has to get the flu vax every year.  He feels run-down and is irritable the day after and complains of soreness at the injection site for a few days.

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I had an MMR around age 12, and vaccines for yellow fever and hepatitis A at 18 (travel to Peru), as well as a few tetanus shots with no reaction, so far as I remember. The H1N1 vaccine gave me a very sore arm for a day or so.  

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I've had many many vaccines as an adult, mostly because of travel - TD (before TDaP was introduced), yellow fever, oral typhoid, HepA/HepB, meningococcal, Japanese encephalitis, flu (both the injection and FluMist, multiple times each), and probably some others.  


I had some dizziness/nausea after each dose of the oral typhoid, but I was told to expect that, so it wasn't too troubling.  Otherwise smooth sailing.

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The only vax I had after childhood was tetanus when I was 15. I had stepped on a rusty nail in the muck at the barn and it went through the sole of my boot and cleaned the nail a good 1 1/2 - 2" so it got my foot pretty deep. I still have the scar 17 yrs later. Mom's childhood best friend died as an adult from tetanus in the '80s so she's paranoid about it. I was already on crutches bc I could NOT walk for a while, and after I had the shot, the only reaction I recall was I got such a sore shoulder I couldn't even really use the crutches for days. It was miserable.


My sis had the flu shot a few yrs ago for the first time. She was about 24 or something? She started getting dizzy, felt shaky, and was whiting out. The dr said it was clinically passing out. I don't think she's had it since.

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When I had the H1N1 vaccine I had a really sore arm for a few days. I had the seasonal flu in the other arm at the same time, and the difference was stricking. Someone told me/I read somewhere it might have been to do with the adjuvants in the H1N1 vaccine, but I have no link to back up that statement.

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I've had tetanus twice, MMR once and seasonal flu vax every year except when I'm pregnant. The only reaction I've had was an extremely sore arm with the first tetanus. I consider that a mild reaction and I've had no ongoing problems.
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I had the usuals before college, several tetanus shots over the years, an a tdap after my baby was born. No reactions beyond a sore arm.
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Oh and I had hep b.
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I had a booster of some sort when I was 16 or 17.  I think maybe MMR?  Can't remember.  Afterward as we were standing at the reception desk while my mom was paying I turned grey and felt really dizzy.  I didn't quite pass out, but the nurse escorted me back to the room with her hands firmly under my arms where they had me lay down and suck on some candy.  I was fine a few minutes later.  It definitely wasn't needle fear, I don't have a problem with needles and barely flinched at the shot.

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I remember they were testing the hpv vaccine and they recommended it to me. I was 17 years. I didn't care about vaccines then. All I knew was that my mom recommended everyone of them so I agreed to it. First shot - no reaction; second shot - slight dizzyness; third shot - passed out...had to lie down on the couch in the waiting room with my mom for about an hour. I also got the DtaP about two years ago before i researched vaccines. No reaction other than jaw spasms every so often. I don't get it anymore.  

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I got arthritis from guardasil

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I had a flu shot for the first time as an adult and ended up in the hospital. My arm swelled so bad I could barely move it and it looked like my skin was about to crack. Then I started wheezing and went to the hospital. They did readily admit that it was directly caused by the vaccine and advised me to not get anymore. 

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I have not had a vaccination since puberty so personally I can't speak of a reaction or not, though as a child I recall many fevers, disorientation and achy knees post vax.


Familial reactions: 


DH's paternal grandmother received the swine flu shot in 76, fell ill immediately, and died from GBS. The general thought from the doctors was that it wasn't the shot's fault, but rather her family's genetic make up.


DH's father would get very ill for usually 10 days after a shot, the last reaction coming after the flu shot.


DH brother came down with meningitis, but I can't attest to a total causality/1 to 1 correlation with that incident. Could have been related to a recent dose of the polio vaccine, but perhaps not.


Niece and nephew got the H1N1 shot, felt ill immediately, and diagnosed with it a few days later. Their two siblings who didn't receive the vaccine did not get sick.


Close friend got the DTaP after the birth of his child and became ill, with extreme aches, fatigue and dehydration.


Sister gets the flu shot every season, and gets sick each time.

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I've had the flu shot mostly every year, although some years I forget. I've also had Hep A/B combo shot, and I just recently got the MMR after giving birth (since my Rubella immunity had worn off).


I've had no reactions that I could discern. My arm was a bit sore after Hep A/B.

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Oh and I had hep b.

Oh yeah, I had the Hep B series when I started uni.
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Td at a doc's appointment a few years ago, flu shot every year, Tdap after my daughter was born. Those are the ones I remember; I probably had hep B vax as a teenager and just don't recall. No lasting issues--had a sore arm from the flu shot--I remember my husband putting his arm around me and squeezing my shoulder a few hours after I'd had the vax, and I nearly jumped out of my chair! And another time I had what felt like some tendonitis symptoms in my hand for a couple of days, only on the side where I'd had the shot.

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I had the standard school shots just before seventh grade, a hep b series as a teen and another series as an adult, tetanus and a tdap as an adult. I had no reaction beyond a sore arm for a few days with the tdap.
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