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I'm glad to hear that she is doing so well!  I hope she is home very soon.

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So happy to hear the great news, Cristeen!

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Really glad to hear she's doing so well, Cristeen!  If you are in need of extra freezer space, just let me know.  We are working through our PP food stash and have at least one completely open shelf in our garage freezer now.

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So, on rounds today the neonatologist actually uttered the words "go home".  We're not quite there yet, but we're getting close.  He told the resident to start scheduling everything that needs to happen to get her ready to go.  He said it wouldn't be before Wednesday, and he wouldn't promise it'd be this week, but it would be sometime between this Wednesday and next Wednesday.


Her NG tube came out this morning, so now she's entirely unhooked.  They switched her from scheduled feeds to on-demand feeds for both timing and amount.  And so long as she proves she can gain weight that way, she gets to come home. 


She was 7 lbs 14 oz yesterday when they weighed her and today had her first weight gain since admission, she was up 30g (birth weight was 8 lbs 3 oz).  She has most definitely grown though, since she is busting out of 3 mo one-pieces, and is almost out of 6 mo (in the leg).  I already have a pile of hand-me-downs ready to go and she's not even a month old. 


Tomorrow we meet with cardiology to get our discharge education (wound care, follow up care, warning signs, etc.). 


And our freezers are exploding with milk.  I picked up about 600 oz this weekend, which is far more than I expected (which is not a complaint!). 


MSW - I'll keep that in mind, thank you so much for the offer.  As soon as she comes home the milk will start disappearing, far faster than anyone thinks possible.  If anyone else has any though, it's nice to know I don't have to pass because of space restrictions. 

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That is such wonderful news!!!

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Yay, Cristeen! It's so hard to picture a little 8 lb-er already growing out of 6 month size clothes- wowzers! Everett is 12 lbs and is still fitting perfectly in his 3 mo. stuff.


Hopefully she starts gaining weight quickly and you can all get back home again.

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great news!

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Wonderful news Cristeen!
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She's home!!

::happy dance::

i burst into tears in front of the entire ward this morning when the neonatologist said "let's get her outta here" during rounds.

There's gonna be an adjustment period. Home is much quieter/darker than she's used to.

Her stitches come out next week. She'll be followed annually for life, but the risk of needing another procedure is low (10-15%). They expect they would find the need before she became symptomatic, though.

And now we begin the process of adjusting all over again. DH goes back to the office Friday.
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That is so AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!!

Welcome home little one!!

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YAY!!! Such great news Cristeen! joy.gif
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Oh, yay! Congrats! So nice to have her back again.

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joy.gif yay! Welcome home little one!
Sending the whole family love and hugs in this adjustment period
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wonderful!  :)

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What wonderful news! Wishing you guys a smooth transition to life at home.

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oh my gosh, how did I miss this? welcome back home, sweet baby! sending lots of hugs <3

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So happy to hear that you are all home.  Good luck with the adjustment period!

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Yay! The family is together again! Tears of joy and sympathy. Here's sending love and light to little Ezri and you and your family.

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So happy to log in and see this.  What great news!  Welcome home again little one!

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