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All of our kids have five letter first and middle names. They're also all named after us in some way. My first name is Selena, so our DD1 is Saida. DS1 has my DH's middle name for his first name (Lance) and DS2 has a variation of DH's first name (Jaire). DD2 will be named Sofia, yet another S name after mommy. :)

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Zebrachick, my DS1 has DH's middle name as a 1st name, too--Khary. DS2 is Khalil (I love the name, love Khalil Gibran, and no one in his family had that Arabic first name yet!). But we didn't decide for certain on their names until about 5 days old or so. All of our kids' middle names are/will be my last name (which is French), and they have DH's last name as theirs. I've had a girl name picked out since I was about 12--Genevieve. My (maternal) Granny's middle name is Genevieve, her grandmother's first name was Genevieve, and when I did some genealogy searches on my father's French side, half of the women seem to have been named Genevieve (there was also a Gillenne, which is gorgeous, too!). It's also the name of my hometown, which was named after the patron saint of Paris (and that story is pretty damn cool--Genevieve is the patron saint of the Women's Army Corps). I actually called dibs on the name 20+ years ago, and even though most of my cousins either didn't have kids or had boys first, it was still known to be *my*name, so no one considered it. So  although it's becoming increasingly popular, I'm still using it. Her nickname will be Nevie. I was toying with the idea of giving her another middle name since she's due near Solstice--Soleil. But I think that would sound pretentious: Genevieve Soleil (French name) (Arabic name). And no, I don't speak French, but I have a strong French heritage and love French names. (If we have another boy, I'm fighting for the name Blaise.) 

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ohhhh....this is such a pet peeve of mine!! my SIL has "claimed" several boy names and several girl names, even though she's not getting married until later this year and wont ttc for several years after that.  imho, "claiming" names is not cool.  i think if your baby is born first, you can name him whatever you want.  there are just too many variables...your sister might never have kids, might have only girls, might change her mind by the time she actually delivers (which is so common).  my vote is to name the baby the name you and your DH agree on/love. you don't want to regret it forever and/or resent your sister when she doesn't end up using the name after all.  (just my 2 cents...)


Well, problem solved. Sort of. We're having a girl, but still debating between two names: Talia or Arielle. We both go back and forth daily... though I already told DH that I want Arielle to be her name if I get the VBAC I'm fighting so hard for. ("Ari" is Hebrew for lion. I want to remind my daughter to have the strength and bravery of a lioness). Either way, her middle name will be Hope, after my grandmother. 

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