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Chit Chat Thread 6/12 through 6/16

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How are you all feeling?  It's been fun to just read the day-to-day stuff in your lives.... keep it coming!

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I have been feeling pretty good.  I've got a little cold but nothing major.  I had some good news yesterday.  I got the lab results from our integrated screening test and everything came back negativejoy.gif


I also got some bad news as well.  My husband called me yesterday just before I got off work and told me someone broke into our house and he walked in while they were doing it!  Luckily he had the good sense to call out "Who is in here?" then walk down the street to call the police.  He said he watched the guy calmly walk out of our house and go down the street in the opposite direction.  I work 5 minutes from home and immediately left work after he called.  As I was driving home I carefully watched everyone walking down the street thinking "I wonder if they broke in our house?" When I got home the lady was repeating the thief's description back to my husband and I said "I saw that guy about two blocks from here!"  He had on bright red shoes of all things so he stood out.  Anyway thank goodness they caught him.  Young kid, maybe seventeen, eighteen.  He did not even have time to take anything (not that we have anything of much value).  I joked to my husband that he was probably disappointed in that he broke into the one house that had almost nothing worth stealing.  It made me sad and disappointed in people if you know what I mean.  Needless to say we told the landlord that we wanted a stronger, solid door!

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simonesez2u...sorry about your house...great news about the sequential results!


I'm feeling good...starting to feel and look pregnant (not just like I ate a lot of ice cream!) now at 19 weeks with twins.  We have been doing prep work to get our house on the market and signed the papers tonight...it lists tomorrow!  We have one tenative lead on a house to buy...not feeling too good about it right now.  More looking and at least we have my Dad's to move into for a short time if we need to!  NOt ideal with our 2 year olds, but it could work. 

Babies are moving more and that's always exciting!

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simonesez2u - not good about the house break in , but so glad he didn't get anything....  i feel like that about our house, that if anyone had any sense they'd never break in because we don't have much of great value;)


QMtwins - go mama!  what a crazy time for you, worrying about moving and finding the right place, plus caring for twins.  hope the house search gets better.


Still not 100% that I feel my baby moving but- ooh just found out its a girl today:)  very loooong ultrasound - 90 minutes to get all the measurements they need - this girl doesn't stay still for long!!  always sooo cool to see the 4 chambers of the heart, I think that's my favorite part, and feet are pretty cute too!

having a busy week with big family b-day party for my dad tonight, friends visiting tomorrow and another big family dinner on Sat.-  my family plus the in-laws.

fun, fun today was setting up our 'side-car' as DH calls it - DD's new toddler bed which we attached to ours - she is so excited and so am I - now there will be some more space in our bed for my BELLY and extra pillows:)

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simonsez2u: I think the worst part of a break in is the creepiness factor of having someone with bad intentions inside your home.  We had one on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago.  They weren't able to break through our awesome solid door, but eventually broke a window.  There were foot prints on the door where they tried to kick it in for months.  For some weird reason I didn't want to wipe them off.  They didn't really take anything of value, and what they did take, they made essentially unusable. Like they ripped the TV off the wall and didn't take the power cord.  


QMtwins: Hope your house sells quickly!!  We put ours on the market at the beginning of May.  It "sold" quickly, but we had to go through multiple offers to make one stick.  And now we are dealing with the buyers having financing troubles.  We are set to close next Friday, but I won't feel like we are in the clear until those papers are signed.  It was tough keeping the house show ready with just one.  I can imagine the struggle with 2.  What helped me was that we had over half of our stuff moved out so that our realtor could stage the place.  Made it a lot easier to keep everything straight when there was so much less of it.  Good luck and hope you sell quickly.  


Sheri: Can't wait for my anatomy scan on the 26th.  I'm so anxious to find out the sex. I don't know how anyone can wait!!  Congratulations on your girl.  I sort of have a girl feeling, but maybe that's just because this pregnancy is different than DS's. 


afm: I've been mopey because DH will have to work all weekend.  We have stuff to get done at the house before closing so whatever time he is not working will be spent tying up loose ends over there.  I've decided to go ahead and take DS to see my family a couple of hours away tomorrow so that we are not just sitting here alone without daddy on father's day.  I have to remind myself that he is upset about it, too.  Working really hard on not taking out my frustration with his job out on him.  I have hard time not extrapolating what's going on now to the next 3 years or so of me 'alone' with 2 babies every evening and weekend.  I'm so thankful that our family is growing, especially considering our previous fertility issues, but I can't help but see the next few years as a very tough endurance test that I will be tackling essentially solo.  I really need to work on my perspective!!  


In happier news, at almost 13 months DS is going through a super fun language burst.  He has so many words.  Every time DH gets to spend some time with him he is surprised by his language and asks me, "Did he just say that?"  He understands all kinds of things that surprise me, too. I'm a speech language therapist, so it is just amazing to me to watch neurotypical speech and language development unfold.  I've really only had a chance to spend time with kids that have a delayed or disordered development.  Now we just need to get him walking so that I don't have to carry him and this belly everywhere we go! He has the skills, just not the inclination.  He's like, why would I walk when I can crawl faster or get you to carry me??  


Hope you ladies get to spend some quality time this weekend with the fathers in your lives.  Take care.   

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hi everybody:)

good to read all your updates and get a bit of a feeling of getting to know you a little. I just found myself wondering the other day... how much of the pictures we have of each other correlate with reality. It would be so fun to actually meet each other in person. I still have this whole bunch of 'friends' from my first DDC on facebook and it's so weird to have these friends I have never actually met in real life. But I really feel connected to them especially since we have our own private group and discuss quite personal stuff in there. Ah well, random thoughts of a pregnant woman.


I'll have my 'finding-out' u/s next thursday. quite excited about it, I have to admit. Will probably have to go alone and maybe take DD along, we'll see how that goes.


simonsez2u: I once was robbed in a house while DH and I were asleep. we woke up the next morning and found our door had been cracked open and both our laptops, camera and some other stuff that can easily made into money were missing. that was a truely shitty feeling! knowing these people had been in our house, maybe even seen us sleep (I think we even slept naked as we did most of the time, because of the climate over there. never occurred to me before now) and took their time going through all our stuff - not.nice.at.all! That was back in Thailand and there was this rumour that the thieves were going around gassing people so they wouldn't wake up and they could take their time checking everything out. maybe that happened to us - we'll never know.


on another note: I have finally decided to stop the dry-nursing dilemma and dry-nurse-weaned DD. Weird, but honestly: where is the point in nursing when there is no milk? I kind of expected it to come back after a while - but we've done the dry-sucking thing for almost... what - three months? four? Apparently not all women are made for nursing a toddler through a pregnancy. I believe my body just doesn't have enough resources for both at the same time - so I give up. In consequence I am not exactly in DD's good books at the moment. It's bitter-sweet. I am relieved and also really sad because that sacred time of connection, that holding a sleeping child in my arms, snuggled into me is over. Since I don't equal breast any more she much prefers DH for going to sleep now. Which is a good thing but it also feels like a huge step and a little good-bye of my baby-girl. *sigh*


That's all for now. Hope you have a phantastic weekend:)

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I also have my finding out ultrasound next thursday- can't wait! 


I'm feeling so run down today. My 6 yo had tons of crazy end of year stuff at school last week... everyday was really insane, on top of my girls dance rehearsals/recital.   I'm so wiped.  Longing for a few quiet days, but now that both girls are home for the summer I'm thinking that won't happen. 


I've been feeling the baby a bit more this week- more like shifting pressure or subtle squirming. Although, dh felt a definite kick this afternoon- which is very rare.  I don't really feel kicks with this one.  I'm pretty sure I have an anterior placenta and so have felt limited movement, which really stinks.  Thankfully I have my own doppler and can find the hb any time I need reassurance.  Otherwise, I'd be a nervous wreck. 

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