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Looking for some recommendations for a few hygiene products...

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I'm in the works of establishing a community dwelling in my new little town, and will be running a child care centre in our facility. Using natural, safe and earth-friendly products with the children involved is very important to me (I'm sure such a thing is important to many here!).


With that said, I'm looking to load up on a few products and would greatly appreciate some brand recommendations. Recipes for make-it-yourself products are appreciated too. Lots of great options out there I already know of, though I'd love to hear from personal experience what folks are using with their own families.


We need:






-Hand Sanitizer

-Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener, and

-Surface Cleaning Products (for wiping clean and sanitizing)


I appreciate all who take time to read and respond! Cheers!

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Seller fireheart99 on Etsy sells four pounds of handmade soap for $14 before shipping (where are you located? She is in the northeastern US). 

You can request that she make it without artificial colors or fragrances.  Here's her ingredient list:


Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Almond Oil
Avocado Oil
Shea Butter
Distilled Water
Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

I'm not affiliated with her shop, but I am a happy customer.  Good luck with your child care center!

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Home -Biokleen

Body - Californian Baby and Dr. Bronners, Dr. B's just put out a hand sanitizer which I like, usually can not stand the stuff.

Teeth - Weleeda

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Hi there! Here's what my family uses:


Toothpaste: Tom's of Maine

Toothbrushes: Preserve brand

Laundry Soap: We use Seventh Generation, but that company has gotten so big and I haven't researched their ethical practices for a while, so take that with a grain of salt. We don't use fabric softener. 

Surface Cleaning Products: I use Biokleen as well, but also just vinegar mixed with water and a little essential oil. I use that for everyday wiping down, and Biokleen when I feel like something really needs a stronger cleaner. Don't know if either of those actually "sanitize" but they do the job with a bit of extra scrubbing effort. 


Hope that helps!

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I really like the Bright Green laundry soap...it really gets my cloth diapers clean, which I can't say of all natural laundry soaps I've tried.


As far as surface cleaners, I like the Seventh Generation all-purpose spray, though the Biokleen one is good too.

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for an all purpose cleaner I used vinegar and water. Instead of fabric softener I use dryer balls.

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Thanks for the replies! Cheers!

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Toothpaste - baking soda, coconut oil, stevia, and peppermint EO

Cleaning spray - vinegar and orange peels, let sit for two weeks and remove orange peels before using.

Check Etsy for soaps.  Make sure there is only EO used not fragrance oil. (I also make soaps if you are intereted)

Laundry soap - borax, washing soda, and grated soap (homemade or ivory)

Fabric softner - vinegar and EO of your choice, spray on wet clothes as you put them in dryer


These are what I use in my home. HTH

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