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Family bed for 5

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HI there-

both girls sleep with us nightly and we are all in our king bed.  I am 6 weeks pregnant and wondering what we should do (eventually).... DD1 will be 4.5 years when babe is born and DD2 will be almost 2.5 years.  I can't imagine either will be ready to leave our bed.  DH really doesn't like putting a twin up next to our bed (worried about kids falling in crack when playing and break a leg or something).  I don't want to kick anyone out though.  It will not work with the king for all of us to fit....


What do other families do that have 3 kids in bed?  


DH is trying to convince DD1 that she wants her own bed (moved it in our room, but across the room).  She is not going for it and I don't want to force it.  


Anyways, I love snuggling with  the girls as they fall asleep and love waking up with them.  It has been so wonderful having them in bed.  I know something will have to change (I sleep between them, and with a baby, well.... I can't sleep next to all 3).

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Wow, I am surprised you all fit, that's awesome! Our family of four was in a king for a while but it was pretty tight. I have heard a lot of ppl putting another bed next to or at the foot of the bed and being really happy with that so if I were in your shoes I would gently push your DH to not worry about the falling in-between/leg breaking, lol. I hope you all find something that works though!

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There's also the things you can get that hold the mattresses together. They're commonly used to make a king out of a queen and a twin, but would work for a king and another mattress. I wish I could tell you what they're called...they basically make it so the mattress can't separate.

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My oldest moved to a mattress on the floor when the baby came. No way could we fit in a king.

Could you move both girls to another bed? Might be especially nice to have some extra room with a newborn
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Greetings to a fellow Sept10 DDC! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have read of people having the older one sleep with feet the other way around. While it sounds to me that you would just get kicked with this arrangement, it would probably leave room for baby on that side.


We have a twin pushed up to a double. We fill the space with rolled blankets and it is fine. You could also get some firm foam and cut it to fit, or buy a foam mattress cover, cut part of it, and roll it up to fit the whole space.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the ideas. I am really just hoping dh will bend eventually. I will keep checking back for any ideas.
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A few ideas:


1) My parents tied two twins together to make a double/queen when I was a kid. Like, they tied the frames together with twine and it held just fine. You can also put some stitching in the mattresses to make sure they don't separate, though that makes making the bed harder.


2) Perhaps if the eldest girl doesn't want to sleep alone, she would sleep snuggled to her sister? Maybe the two girls could move out of your bed together into the "kids bed".

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Family of 6 and we all coslept until this month. We made it work by splitting off into two rooms. Back when it was 3 kids, dh took the 2 year old and I slept with the baby and the oldest. With 4 kids, we each took 2. My girls just moved into their own room, they are 9 and 5 now. We actually did try having 5 of us in one room after DS1 was born and it did not work, just too many people in one room even though the space was fine. We had a king and queen mattress on the floor but child A would wake up and then the baby, baby would wake up child b, repeat all night long so we hadbo decrease the amount of people in each bedroom.
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If the mattresses are on the floor I don't think there could be any chance of leg-breaking  or anything too horrific as long as you keep baby away from where they meet.  We had only four in our room (ds 1 was 5 1/2 when ds2 was born), but we have a king and twin mattress pushed up against each other and it worked great.  There would definitely be room for another child.  So, when ds2 was an infant, he and I were on the twin, ds1 on the king near us and dh on the far side of the king.  I always kept the baby on the away from ds1 and the other mattress, so when I needed to roll over to my other side, I turned around so my head was at the foot of the bed.  I've always found that rolling over between two children, and especially rolling over pregnant, was a bit of a struggle, so this wasn't that much worse.  I was relieved when ds2 was big enough that I didn't have to worry about having him next to his brother or the other mattress, though.


Having them on the floor is also great for making sure they don't get hurt falling off the bed.  I am always amazed when co-sleepers don't have their beds on the floor because I can't imagine leaving the baby on a higher mattress when I get up.  

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King + Twin with no frame, mattresses on the floor?  Our king is on the floor.  There's literally no room for another mattress; not sure how we're going to work it out when there are more of us!

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