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Hi Minimalist Mamas!


Just checking in...


We are moving again, and downsizing once again as well. It's funny. People are offering to help me pack, and I collected 15 medium-sized boxes that I know for a fact we won't be able to fill. It's pretty ridiculous. I could seriously wait until the day before and still be super organized with the move. There is very little to pack that we don't use on a daily basis. So far I was able to pack up 5 boxes of things... art, winter items, extra linens, office/school items, and a few kitchen things I can live without until we get to the new place. What's left is our clothes, toiletries, furniture, food, and toys. Pretty wild, actually. I am far more minimalist than I thought. I love it!


Have also started attacking the financial situation to try to save more money to buy a tiny house in a few years. Looking at the Tumbleweed Lusby model... as it's got a bedroom and a sleeping loft, so Moo can have his own room when he's bigger. After that I just have to figure out where to park it... and maybe how to tow it too. :)

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Very cool!

We moved many times when I was a kid and it was so stressful to pack, haul and relocate everything once we got to our new place. 

good for you, and super cool to plan for a tiny house!!


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I love Tumbleweed houses but for some reason I had never noticed the Lusby before. I've just resigned myself to waiting until the kids are grown before I could have one. I'm so excited because my family would actually fit in it!

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I never heard of Tumbleweed houses before, but they are darling! I LOVE having a small house (although at 990 sq feet, it's huge compared to the tumbleweeds!). Everything is so much more manageable and I enjoy the challenge of coming up with creative ways to make the most out of a small space. Plus, I'm forced to get rid of excess. Good luck with your new home and saving for the lusby smile.gif
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Good luck! I love tiny houses!
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Any updates Mommel about your tumbleweed house? We're downsizing from a large rental and buying a 558 sq ft cottage here in the UK for 2 adults and 2 children and I'm looking for inspiration!
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I am also a huge Tumbleweed fan. They are just too wonderful. I went to the workshop in Madison last year and it was so inspirational. Jay went on to some other stuff, I hear?

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