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nursing bras that last

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Can anyone give a recommendation for a good nursing bra that will last through extended breast feeding?  The bras I had with my DS did not make it through the first year, and after that I cut the clasps off and used them to turn some old regular bras I had into nursing bras.  Is it just me or are nursing bras not as durable as regular bras?  Maybe they get a lot more wear and tear from constantly being pulling up and down.  I had the Bravado "Bliss", which I didn't find very flattering or comfortable, and the "Body Silk" which stretched out (but was awesome during the sore nipple stage).  Other than that, I had some from BRU and Target, which I didn't expect to last anyway and didn't fit well.  But the Bravado bras were really expensive.  I just found Leading Lady, does anyone have any bras from them?  How do they hold up?  Their prices seem more reasonable to me.  The Bravado Bliss I had, which was professionally fitted, was size 32 H/I.

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Subbing, just for information.  My basic bravados lasted *okay*, but not awesome.  My glamour mom tanks are beat to crap. LOL


I had one super buff one from Anita, but it squeaked.  No i am not kidding, it squeaked when I walked, so I got rid of it. LOL

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Haha, I too have had the squeaky bra experience.  I'm interested in nursing tank recs too.  I had a hand me down glamour mom one, and it was a bit stretched out but worst part was the clasps required two hands.  I have a bravado tank that is still in useable condition, but really hard to put on!

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The squeak was crazy! lol.gif My husband kept looking for what was making the noise. I had to tell him it was my bra, and then he laughed. LOL

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Buying 2 leading lady bras. Great price right? I have gone through SO MANY bras since I was pregnant. It is so sad how ugly and expensive not to mention they are and not durable. From my experience at least. I'm a 36D now. Was a 40-42 DD I'm guessing. I have owned Motherhood Maternaty brand, Target brand, LLL bras and now wear a terrible front clasping underwire bra so ill fitting it gives a terrible shape... O_o

Cake lingerie makes BEAUTIFUL sexy nursing bras. They are a bit pricey. But worth it when you really want the girls to look good and feel sexy. The one I own is a balconette but it's not very comfy, but looks great. I wear it when I go out. Let me get a link for you...

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Both the bras I've had from La Leche League and Elle Mcphearson have worn really well. And I've used glamourmom for years too without a huge amount of wear. I did notice there was a lot more wear on them from the "bigger" DS nursing experience.


But it is worth noting that the size and shape of the momma matters too. A small chest + large breasts = more wear and tear on bras of any type.

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The sale prices on the cake site aren't that bad considering, and they carry large cup size/small band size combos!  So I am wondering if I can make the following two assumptions - will I be the same size as last time once things settle out (baby #2 is still cooking) and do the sizes translate across brands?  I will measure, but I don't really trust myself to do it right.  I was pretty shocked when they told me I was a 32 band size when I got fitted last time.  Ordering bras on the internet is really nerve racking, but there are absolutely no stores near me that carry nursing bras (I've moved since DS was born).  I'm really just researching right now though, I think my plan will be to get a few more nursing tanks for the first two months or so, and then buy 4 nursing bras.  Maybe that is part of the problem, I keep them in heavy rotation compared to my regular bras, and also I didn't consider that my heavier breasts during nursing would wear my bras out faster. 

Thanks for the comments on the LLL and Elle Mcphearson brands... I was looking at some Elle Mcphearson ones earlier too.

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I work with Leading Lady and I'm a nursing mom myself.  I love all of the styles I've worn from Leading Lady and I find that they have a great selection for a variety of needs:  everyday t-shirt bras, cute/sexy lace bras, low-impact sport bras and sleep bras.  I never slept in a bra before nursing but I can't sleep without one now!  I also find the bras extremely durable after many wears and washes.  I wanted to let you know that Leading Lady is having a sale on lace styles right now.  You can get $5 of lace bras using the code LACE5.  Full disclosure, I represent the company, but just wanted to offer the suggestion.  Hope you find the ideal bra for you! 

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I have also been disappointed with nursing tank wear out and just the bagginess of most of them (for me baggy was good in the beginning when I was baggy too-but then I wanted to wear my old shirts without having crazy baggy nursing tank under.) I also found the clasps to be kind of a hassle in public messing around under my shirt to try to get them done and undone. What I use now is just tube tops! I got some stretchy hemp cotton blend ones on etsy. They are kind of pricey but super Eco friendly and made to your measurements. Probably they would not work great for super busty mamas; I was a B before and about a C or D I guess now. If you have a sewing machine and minimal sewing skills you could so easily make your own, or buy one and then use it to make your own from. I can't say yet if they will last, but hemp has a rep for being durable, so I'm hopeful. What I love about them is they layer great, are even a little bit slimming (!) and best of all it is so easy to get the boob out from the tube top, nobody sees anything and the whole nursing publicly thing is less stressful for me.
Good luck!
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I've had some luck with the Medela underwire nursing bras. I'm a 34F, so I feel your wallet\boob pain on this one.
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I, too, find my nursing bras fraying and falling apart at the seams after about 8 months.  I suspect that since most women only nurse for less than a year, they aren't really made to last.  Anyone tried a Hot Milk bra?  I love their styles and would like to try one but it is expensive to order one if it isn't going to fit to last.

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I have 3 Anita bras that I got at Nordstrom when my daughter was 9 months, and I've been using them for nursing my son (now 13 mos.) and they are holding up great.  Well worth the investment, and I think I will even keep wearing them when I'm done.  Oh, and mine don't squeak!


Also, Nordstrom will convert a regular bra into a nursing bra for $10.  I read that somewhere recently.

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It hasn't really mattered what brand of nursing bra I've bought.  I've changed sizes so many times I'm not in a bra any more than a few months anyway.

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