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Brewers diet, anyone??

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Soo, i met with a midwife yesterday, (i was not planning on using the same one i worked with on my last pregnancy) and she told me she strongly advices all her moms to follow the brewers diet... i just did a little research on it and it just seems like an awful amount of food and proteins... Im torn cause i really liked her but dont know if i can really eat that much.. (she made it sound like it was a must, for her to make sure i followed that diet) Has anyone ever had any experience with it? thanks!

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I have never heard of it.  I just looked it up, and you are right, it sounds like a lot of food.  I think what is hard is that there are SOOO many theories out there on whats best to eat.  I lean towards the primal/paleo food lifestyle so don't really agree with the brewers diet.  When I was pg with DS my midwife said to concentrate on eating protein and veggies.   Does she have any scientific research on why you need to consume the items and the quantities on this diet? The research I did find on it seems a bit dated being from 1983.  

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I cant eat that much. I think it is overkill, but it's just my opinion. I think if you eat healthy already, then you should be fine. Make sure you are getting enough iron and protein. I have two girlfriends that followed brewer's diet when they were pregnant and gained over 40 lbs apiece- both of them were 20-30 lbs overweight to begin with. It's not for me, but everyone is different.
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I agree with SunnyGal. I tihnk if you stick with a paleo-type diet you'll be fine. If she asks if you've been following the Brewer's Diet you could say, "I sure have been getting my veggies and protein!" :) But seriously, I do appreciate how it focuses on foods your great-grandma would recognize. But yeah, to each their own. Last time i was pregnant I kind of ate like a toddler 2-3 days of berries, then I'd be into cottage cheese, then fish for a while. Generally stayed away from processed foods and wheat...worked great for me. But I'm not sure it would for everyone!

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Thank you ladies, its reassuring to know that I'm not wrong =)


SunnyGal27: she was supposed to send me stats showing the success of this diet but hasn't sent anything yet... I'm leaning towards a paleo diet, sounds way more real !


Adaline's Mama: I feel for your friends!! I only gained about 14 pounds with my second, just eating right, so yeah, no Brewers Diet for me!!!


Whoabethy: My husband just told me something super smart lol... he saw me sitting in the computer researching, and comparing and stuff and he was like," OK this isn't your first baby, you have two healthy boys, both of your pregnancies were awesome, no MS, no issues with bp NOTHING!! just do what works for you and if she cant accept that then she's not the right midwife for us"... so true, don't know why I'm trying to fix something that it isn't broken ...



thank you!!

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I did the Brewer's Diet with two of my pregnancies & had AWESOME placentas!!! The focus is on the protein really & that helps keep your blood pressure low and healthy. I will do it again in combination with the Weston A Price diet too. While I did have a hard time eating that much food, I did a protein shake that added 28 grams of protein to my diet at once.


I normally gain right at 25 pounds with each pregnancy and go back to normal about 5-6 months after the birth

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I"m not an expert on the brewers diet (or anything for that matter), but it somewhat lines up with what I believe about healthy diets.  I do know that traditionally women of child bearing age had specialized diets that included high amounts of nutrient dense foods, so that is our focus. Kids today are being born with all kinds of disorders and most of them are from poor nutrition. What we have grown up hearing and what folks ate back back before industrialized food came into the picture are very different.  The people who followed their cultures traditional eating practices were strong and healthy, until we started introducing processed foods (white flour, canned goods) to them.  There is a book by Weston A Price, called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, that has some fascinating research about different cultures and diets. Amazingly as different as the lifestyles were (some were hunters some farmers, some gatherers) Yet they all had similarities in the diets the women of childbearing age. The Weston A Price foundation has a dietary food list that they recommend based on these studies if you are interested.


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Thank you Mamabear!!! Im checking it out right now!!!

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