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Off Grid Appliances

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I'm new to this forum, so hi everyone! :-D


I was thinking of getting off the grid, but I know there's a bit of preparation involved and some overlap time before it can done properly. I've found these guys (http://www.uniqueoffgrid.com) to get propane/solar powered appliances from (i.e. stove, fridge, freezer, etc.) as I've heard a lot of good things about them.


However, besides appliances, what should my next steps be?

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how about a solar powered hot water heater? might be very pricey but it'd save you money in the end.


As for the other steps, I can't help you there as we're not off grid but I'd like to be.

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More efficient fridges are going to be smaller ones that hold less, alternatives to keeping things in the fridge might be good like skills at canning and drying and curing stuff, and someplace cool like a root cellar for produce that keeps well. Manual and stovetop alternatives to small appliances might be good: coffee percolator, griddle instead of toaster maybe, hand cranked kitchen tools. Clothesline or drying racks will reduce your energy use for laundry. Wood fired heating and cooking are worth looking into. Alternatives to AC in summer if you're used to that.


Are you looking to convert your current grid tied home into off-grid, or gather things up to be able to build and move someplace? If you are grid tied you can add solar panels and feed back into the system when producing power and draw when not, you save the need for batteries doing that and reduce your bill, I think you have to work it out with the company.

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