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'Roid Rage

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This isn't a pretty topic, but as I get closer to delivery I'm getting increasingly anxious about... Well, the state of my bum. I got hemmorhoids during my first delivery and they've gotten progressively worse with each child and I'm already starting to have issues now. After my last delivery it was very painful and took a long time to resolve. I tried being careful with my pushing last time to try to avoid it, but when I did I wasn't pushing effectively, etc. used witch hazel, tucks, sitz baths, preparation h, stool softeners. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways I might be able to limit the damage during delivery or suggestions for anything else that might help after delivery?
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No suggestions, but hugs to you!  That sounds awful.

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One of my first symptoms before I even have a BFP is hemmroids. Brutal. Baby goes in, my rectum falls out. So really, I understand your discomfort.


Best cream I've found is Bottoms up Balm by Wise woman Herbals. It even sucked back in left over grape bunches from my 1st and second pregnancy when I found it with my third. It's very greasy, so know that you'll have  some ugly looking undies, but rather oily stained undies than burning painful bum itch...


Good luck.

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I am with you.  'Roids are a problem with me, too.  I don't, unfortunately, have any good suggestions.

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Thanks for the support!  I'll try the Bottoms Up... can't hurt to try something new. I'm hoping that it'll at least be something that my OB is mindful of during delivery and can help me with in terms of making suggestions during pushing, etc.

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I got a mild case of the 'roids a few days ago and wiping every time I went #2 with witch hazel soaked wipes worked well for me. I made enough to last in case I got them during delivery, which seems likely since I got them with a little bit of constipation, too.

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Add me to the list...  greensad.gif  I've had a couple flare-ups already, with the worst being about 2-3 weeks ago.  They seem a bit better now, but I'm definitely concerned how things will fare if I end up with a vaginal birth.  I talked with my midwife about my worries, and she said that if she notices them getting "angry", she'll take a warm, wet washcloth and hold it against my bum to try to keep things contained. 


I've also been using suppositories, Earth Mama Bottom Balm, and putting my feet on a stool (to mimic squatting) while going to the bathroom.  Our new toilet is higher than our old, and I think that's part of the problem.  "Comfort-height" is relative...  eyesroll.gif

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