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Anyone not charting?

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I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow to get my IUD out and start our journey to conceive baby #2 (yay!) I'm really excited about the prospect of having another baby and a sibling for our son (2 years old) but I'm trying not to get too worked up about it and just let it happens when it's meant to..... I'm not planning on charting (it takes the fun out of it for me) and I get lost reading some of the other threads with all of the charting/ovulation/TTC acronyms!


Anyone else not charting? Just enjoying loving their partner and letting things happen when they happen? I'd love some company!

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i'm not charting either, we've been TTC #2 since january (my DD just turned 3), and it has become a waiting game. I did get checked out before we started trying (bloodwork and ultrasound) just to make sure everything was "good to go".

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Right now we're not charting, just taking it easy and enjoying the ride. If we don't have any luck in a few months then we'll get more serious about it. Sometimes charting can make things more stressful. 

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I haven't taken my temperature (BBT) or used OPKs in awhile, but I do keep track of my periods, some AF symptoms, spotting, and cervical position & mucus.  I find that the BBT thing is what stresses me out the most.  OPKs don't really stress me out, because I always get a positive, but sometimes I think it takes me a couple of days to O after that rather than it happening right away.  I just don't use them some months because I'm too lazy.  HA.

My cycle lengths vary sometimes (28-31 days, usually only 28-29 though), so I HAVE to keep track on Fertility Friend of when they start and my CP & CM so I can have a vague idea of when to expect AF.

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Me! We are TTC number three and I am not charting. All of my pregnancies (four of them, though two ended in miscarriage) happened without charting and generally within a few months of deciding we would no longer do anything to prevent pregnancy (and some of them happened when we were trying to prevent a pregnancy). I'm sure if I don't conceive as easily this time, I might start charting at some point. That said, while I don't chart, I do have some awareness of my fertility just from noticing cervical fluid when using the bathroom or whatever, and I have noticed that my fertility definitely affects my sex drive, but I don't record any of this. The idea of taking my temperature every morning is a joke. I don't sleep four, five straight hours at night or get up at the same time every morning with little kids: there's no way the temps would be accurate. I know you can chart using cervical position, but I'm just not interested.

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I am not charting, just watching CM everyday and noting on a post it when af started last. With my first 2 pregnancies this is what I did and conceived immediatly. With this last m/c I was bbt-ing off and on, watching cm, checking cervix, keeping track of symptoms and it took my 5-7 months to conceive. Screw that! haha. I'm in my first cycle after m/c, expecting af to start at anytime, and I did use a few opk's this week to figure out where I was in my cycle. I started getting cramps maybe 3 days go along with creamy cm and sore boobs the last 2 days so I'm sure it will be within the next 24 hours.

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Nice to hear from you ladies! I'm trying to stay very aware of my body and notice the subtle changes that happen throughout my cycle, but not planning on writing it down or tracking temps. Like you said, revolting, I have a toddler and a very wacky sleep schedule---there's no way I could accurately chart my temps, even if I wanted to. 


My cycles are just beginning to get regular again--I still breastfeed my 2 year old a few times a day, but working on gently weaning all together.   I'm trying to go into the TTC process with no expectations---ready to be patient, if necessary but hoping that it happens faster this time around (it took us a year and a half, and one miscarriage, before conceiving DS.)

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Not charting either and ttc#2. I'm only vaguely aware of when I might be ovulating, based on LMP. My cycles are not that predictable since a past m/c and the birth of my daughter. Sometimes 28 days, but up to 35 days or so. Just making more of an effort to ttc during the possible ovulatory time in my cycle. I'm erring on the side of thinking my fertile days are more than they are actually, for sure.

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