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Dragging my feet into a dreaded 3 days

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During my last (and first ever) pregnancy, I was 6 weeks + 3 days (April 30) when I started spotting and 6 weeks + 6 days (May 3) when I officially miscarried. I will be 6 weeks and 3 days on this coming Sunday, and I'm honestly terrified. This pregnancy seems completely different from the last one and I have no concrete reason to be worried, but I already know that Sunday to Wednesday are going to be very stressful.


Hence, I've started this thread in the hopes of collecting reassuring stories or stats that I can battle the negative thoughts with next week. Can anyone help with this?

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I am sorry for your loss and that you are feeling worried. I lost my first pregnancy at 8.5 weeks and my pregnancy with dd1 i worried until around 12 weeks and didnt feel connected until much later. It is not a great feeling. I am a tad worried about this one but am trying to be positive. Most pregnancies end with healthy babies.... i am going to start meditating about how my baby is healthy and strong and talk to him or her about how much i want them in my life and just send positive energy! Good luck!
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You poor thing. Waiting like that is the worst. I was lucky in that after my miscarriage I didn't find out about my next pregnancy til I was 9 wks along which was past "that point". I'm currently playing the waiting game, too, and am just being as kind to myself as possible. I would suggest to stay as busy as possible-- with pampering yourself. Movies, chocolate, feet up on the couch, etc. Hopefully your DH/DP is on board and can get in on the pampering! I think I said this on another thread, but it's very common to have a miscarriage with your first pregnancy and then go on to have a sticky baby. It happened to me and to several other moms that I know.

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I totally know how you feel - in 2007 I had a m/c at 11 wks, started spotting at 10w2d - since then I've had 2 healthy pregnancies/babies but getting past 11 weeks is still a huge deal for me - I look to symptoms for comfort because my healthy pregnancies have been very different from my m/c
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Fingers crossed.
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I had a m/c at 7 1/2 weeks (after dd and before ds) and it really clouded a lot of the pregnancy with ds. I remember being extra super worried at that same point...and then continuing to be a crazy worry-wart until the end (and actually ended up being treated for lost partum anxiety after he was born). Obviously i went on to have a perfect healthy.little boy and in hindsight i wish i had been able to control the worry (i will definitely feel less anxious after i hit the 8 week mark this go round, but it is so much better than it was last go round). One thing i have learned through the three pregnancies is that each one has been so completely different from the others, and that is a good thing because i.am not comparing them to find issues (if that makes any sense at all). Try to keep busy and that is really the only advice i have, because i know how impossible it is to keep from.worrying even if you don't want to.
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Thanks for the reassurance ladies.


I plan to go see some movies this weekend and just try to keep my mind busy in general. It doesn't help that I keep getting this really mild pressure that makes me feel like my period is about to start at any point, which keeps my mind on my little embryo. Certainly makes me visit the bathroom even more frequently just to make sure everything is okay.

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I know the feeling. I lost a baby in 2010 at 8 weeks after having had 3 healthy pregnancies and births. Even though I knew I could carry babies full term, I worried through most of my next pregnancy, and was afraid every time I wiped in the bathroom. It was a terrible feeling. 

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No stats, but just wanted to say that I can relate. I lost my first (and only) pregnancy too, and am feeling optimistic for a healthy pregnancy this time.

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I understand too. I lost my second pregnancy at 14 weeks and my 5th pregnancy at 8 weeks. Once I hit 15 weeks, I always feel like I can breath again. Big hugs to you mama!!

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I made it!


I'm 7 weeks and 1 day today, so I've officially passed the scary point. Still holding my breath until my ultrasound on Wednesday (fingers crossed for a heartbeat) but I'm feeling way better now.


Thanks again to you all and I wish you the stickiest of babies!

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What a great feeling! :)

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yay!!  i love that feeling  :)

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